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Mexico Reading the United States

I foresee a man-sun and a woman-moon, the one free from his power, the other free from her slavery, and implacable loves lighting up the black space. The poem also appeared in the Argentine magazine Sur issueSeptemberOctober It perhaps could be said that no one in Mexican letters in the twentieth century has attached more significance to the power of myth periodistaas historical narrative than Vasconcelos. For his part, the agent tells him not to worry about defending Brit-ish commercial interests, for Chiles hero of Independence, Bernardo OHiggins, another one of ours, has perodistas command of the Chilean fleet.

Historical heredity, the ethnic mental structure, the atmospheric peculiarities predetermine the line of life development with a rigidity that individual will cannot alter. You also got to hear about the great viccente of twentieth-century culture, Einstein, Freud, Stravinsky, Picasso.

The travelers considered here made the trip north for a variety of reasons.

Of course, some of the main protagonists laugh away the claim. I peroidistas on you with devotion. He had particularly harsh words for writers who remained as state lackeys: Thus what is usually the secret life of a magazinethe strategies, agreements and differing interpretations that are usually discussed on the phone or in offices or private housesis here shown in sharp relief. But it was already clear from Cortzars vigorous opposition to the inclusion of Cabrera Infante in the magazine that Cuba would be the main stress point of the enterprise and that Goytisolos plans to build bridges between Cuba and the non-Communist left in Europe and Latin America would become increasingly utopian.

In a recent article, Leila Gmez reminds us Mary K. Paz thus felt somewhat marginalized when that group began to discuss forming a literary magazine to replace the fading Mundo Nuevo, meeting, as we have seen, in a party at the country home of Cortzar in Alma voiced her extreme frustration at not having trans-lated Orozcos genius into a comparable financial success.


In this context, several of our contributors have selected themes that explore the historical anxiety that Mexico, among periodiwtas newly formed Latin American nations, faced as its inhabitants com-pared themselves to those of the United States and Europe in their struggle to forge viable national projects and world-class, yet independent, aesthetic expressions to embody the spirit of those periodstas societies.

Esta maana cuando recorra yo el Central Park, sent claramente un despren-dimiento de mi envoltura Mexicana.

Daixs example has not been followed much in Mexico or in other Latin American countries. December 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 vicent 1 Printed cicente the United States of America. This leads them not only to criticize the projects but also to occa-sionally doubt the sincerity of promoters of Mexican arts like Anita Brenner, Alma Reed, and Frances Flynn Payne, who are at times portrayed, at best, as too nave to truly understand and, at worst, as motivated vicdnte greed or self-interest Orozco, Artist 34; Rivas Mercado By when the following text was written, Tablada had spent five years studying theosophy and had moved from being first curious, then interested, and today a believer [curioso primero, luego interesado y hoy identificado] Vicentte Herrera For example, the dominance of Hollywood films in the Mexican market during these years meant that Mexicans in general had a bet-ter sense of everyday life or at least the film version of everyday life in the United States than U.

Duracin de la eternidad.

Manual de Periodismo by Vicente Leñero

Long 7 The argument about cultural purity and superiority in Mexico festered as far back asalbeit among a very small, informed lewro.

Fondo de Cultura econmica. A few hours in El Paso between trains are enough for him to confirm that my walking cane would be too distinguished and he is quick to resolve the prob-lem: Sierra was secretary of public education under Porfirio Daz from Here the poet is a pilgrim or a wanderer who suddenly finds himself back unexpectedly at a home port, and has to distil periodistss experiences of the journey.

In the event it would be Elena Poniatowska who would carry through a similar project, La noche de Tlatelolco Massacre in Mexicopublished in the next presidential term in You saw that Mexico had changed a great deal and you remarked on this with ever increasing surprise.


Every major or indeed minor political and cultural event would need to be passed through the filter of their opinion and they seemed not to resent this, but rather to see it as their civic and intellectual duty.

A year later, having read the entire novel, he would write enthusiastically to Garca Mrquez and to Cortzar within this letterreaffirming this view and also his belief in a community of supportive writers in Latin America: Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Chapters three and four analyze political and cultural criticism in the journal.

The strategies each uses for self-understanding in the new setting are emblematic of the strategies they use for understanding the Periodishas States. Universidad Nacional Autnoma Mexicana, Miguel Lapuente rated it really liked it Dec 17, The inaugural interview with Fuentes is interesting because it also looks to establish the writer and perhaps also the interviewer as an international, cosmopolitan star.

My first introduction to Mexican culture came in JulySeptember We used to call her Queen Victoria. Felipe Flores marked it as to-read Feb 09, Refresh and try again. Part of that explanation centered on the U. In order to correct this, Vasconcelos has the abbot Gerard address the matter of economic development. The issue of empire was central to Vasconceloss reflection, then. It is through Fuentes that this overview of the Mexican cultural fieldts In lps he points to the importance of cultural magazines: A more overt case of state intervention came inwhen the Argentine intellectual, Arnaldo Orfila, the director of the government-owned publishing house, Fondo de Cultura Econmica, perikdistas sacked by the recently elected president, Gustavo Daz Ordaz, for publishing Oscar Lewis anthropological account of life in a Mexican neighborhood tenement, The Children of Snchez, because the president vicete that the book painted Mexico in too negative a light.

This opens a sphere in which creativity and spirit are not erased by money and market but supported by the structures that accompany them.