A complete walkthrough for The Legend of Dragoon, written by Lassarina Aoibhell. The Legend of Dragoon Guides & Walkthroughs. The Legend of Dragoon is a Playstation 1 JRPG from Squaresoft that consists of 4 discs that span a total of 60 . when you enter the marshland you follow the path until you reach the fort where there are five or six battles with Sandora soldiers. after the battle with all the.

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Lassarina Aoibhell’s Walkthrough

After some time, he will throw his Axe away, but cragoon not be happy, you will see more damage from his attack if he is fighting without the Axe.

When you see a exclamation mark, press X to jump onto a rock, continue jumping from one rock to another to reach a chest with a Healing potion in it.

Since Haschel and Dart have parted ways, they have lost touch, but never forget each others mission. Jump across to the left and SAVE at the save point because a boss awaits you in the next area. And you still want to go?

Table of Contents

This game only examines the Memory Card in Slot 1. When replacing Shana, Miranda gets Shana’s weapons, armor, stats, and levels.


There is nothing to do here, unless you want to talk to those patients, so head back outside. Head out of this bar and enter the Inn at north, Inside, you can rest for 20G and there is a save point for you to save. To Select an addition for a character, bring the cursor over it, and press X. Deningrad After Divine AttackHospital Then climb back up and exit the house.

The man in the left house will tell you about Stardust. Haschel is a dedicated man, with a fist powerful enough to shatter even the thickest stone. To protect those we lsgend.

Full Legend Of Dragoon Walkthrough – Guide for The Legend Of Dragoon

Shana then has a theory that it fell back to the river Also, depending on the characters and enemies’ element, you can do more, or less damage to an enemy in battle. When you’re ready, talk to Kaiser, and it will then be the night. This is basically “yes”. We wil now learn a little bit more about the Black Monster Now, take the north path to meet your boss. Now, take the right entrance.


Walk all walkthroughh way right and up to reach a chest with a treasure Spirit Potion. So lets say we did that that would bring the enemy party down to around Then, Dart and the green man his name is Lavitzhave to face up with some more guards. HP recovery walkthroughh status cure for all allies This is basically a souped up Gates of Heaven.

Anyway, just waklthrough Spear Frost, and any wind magic that you have, and then Kongol is defeated. This also happens to be a place for discussing war strategy. The fallen trunk reaches here and is struck.

The game will ends once they hit you. Lying down – blue circles and a yellow sphere- Knocked Cold, cannot do anything until woken.

Proceed into the right to reach the next screen. Stero changes the sound between both speakers, while MONO keeps it equal through both.

He has only a light wound. But there’s one thing to take note of: