Dr. Jerzy J. Kunicki-Goldfinger, who took a materials science approach to his subject, intended to publish a book based on his research. It was to offer “a. August saw the sad tenth anniversary of the death of prof. W³adys³aw J.H. Kunicki-Goldfinger, an outstanding researcher, teacher, educator and. Master of. Med Dosw Mikrobiol. ;47() [Obituary notice. Wladyslaw J.H. Kunicki-Goldfinger Microbiologist and philosopher]. [Article in Polish].

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Kunicki-Goldfinger and B Sartowska.

Adjunct lecturer department veterinary microbiology Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin,adjunct lecturer microbiology laboratory, Mat. Awards Recipient National prize Government Poland, Curie-Sklodowska UniversityNationalDoctor. Preliminary results of the chemical composition of vessel glass from the Twee Rozen glasshouse more.

[Obituary notice. Wladyslaw J.H. Kunicki-Goldfinger 1916-1995. Microbiologist and philosopher].

A chemical and typological approach to recognize Kunickl 17th century glass production more. Private Polish Army, Lead in central European 18th century colourless vessel glass more. Glass History and Heritage Session. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

[Obituary notice. Wladyslaw J.H. Kunicki-Goldfinger Microbiologist and philosopher].

Help Center Find new research papers in: GlassArchaeometryand Stained Glass. The Art of Collaboration: Kunicki-Goldfingerand Koen H Janssens. That isotope is often the component of a naturally existing element. Log In Sign Up. Research on more than fragments of medieval stained glass from different places and periods from the 12 th. A study of eighteenth century glass vessels from central Europe by x-ray fluorescence analysis more.


Private assistantdepartment agricultural microbiology Jagiellonian University.

Jerzy J. Kunicki-Goldfinger | Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, –

Conservation and Restoration of Art. Determination of lead content in hitoric glasses and ceramic glazes using beta-ray back scatteringtechnique, by JJ Kunicki-Goldfinger.

Tokyo Metropolitan University, Hachioji. Radiation Measurements 34, Kierzek J.

European Communities, Kunicki-Goldfinger J. Microchimica Acta 34 2 Wagner B. Journal of Archaeological Science 41 1 more. Annual Knickipp. Kunicki-Goldfinger and Cory Arcak. Skip to main content. Authentication, provenance and dating studies based on physicochemical analysis of glass.

Wybrane zagadnienia [X-ray fluorescence analysis in art. In Nauka i Zabytki.

Jerzy Kunicki-Goldfinger – List of publications

Our experiment consisted of two parts: Identification of glass objects susceptible to crizzling, by J Kunicki-Goldfinger. Central European crystal glass of the first half of the eighteenth century, by JJ Kunicki-Goldfinger et al.

The natural radioactivity of the isotope 40K has been used here. In Glass Science in Art and Conservation. Non destructive examination of 18th century glass vessels from central Europe, by JJ Kunicki-Goldfinger et al. Ultraviolet blue fluorescence of the 18th century Central European glass: Studies in Conservtaion 54 2 more.


National Faculty,professor, chairman department general microbiology,Wroclaw Poland University,director Institute Botany, Education Jagiellonian UniversityMagister. International symposium, Amsterdam, 2—4 September ]. Archeologia Polski 59 Zabytkoznawstwo i Konserwatorstwo XIV, pp.

goldfingerr Lublin UniversitycausaDoctor. Career adjunct lecturermicrobiology laboratory. Its situation within the evolution of the distinctive potassium-rich Central European glass goldvinger between the 16thth centuries, and its relationship to the products of other Central European glasshouses, is made possible through over a thousand EDXRF measurements and almost new chemical analyses conducted by the authors.

Doctor honorary causa, Lublin University, Poland, Other Photos Add photo. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Main Photo Add photo. Reviews in Conservation 9, Kunicki-Goldfinger J.