The action of Juno and the Paycock takes place between September and. November In that year there were no fewer than four governments in. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. The most famous play by this remarkable Irish dramatist. Juno and the Paycock has been produced throughout the world and offers a compelling look at the.

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Boyle shuts door r. She brings in drink and returns?

Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

Boyle and putting arms round her. Two white floods on window, r. Ah no, da; I’m not in a singin’ humour. Oh, you’re never tired’ o’ lookin’ for a rest.

[OTA] Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

A nice way you were in last night — carried in in a frog’s march, dead to the world. Captain; I wouldn’t let a word be said an Father Farrell — the heart o’ the rowl, that’s what he is; I always said he was a darlin’ man, a daarlin’ man. Are you never goin’ to give us a rest?

Did ye hear them tather- arahs? What did he do it for? There is a feeling of suppressed excitement. MARY tying a ribbon, fillet wise around her head]. Johnny, her son, is a moral weakling who has betrayed a Republican comrade, while her daughter, Mary is vain and a poor judge of male character.


Oh, I know nothin’ about the pains in your legs; I’ve brought the message that Father Farrell gave me, an’ that’s all I can do. When I was a sailor, I was always resigned to meet with a wathery grave; an’, if they want to be soldiers, well, there’s no use o’ them squealin’ when they meet a soldier’s fate. There’s a visitor comin’ with Mary in a minute, an’ he has great news for you. He runs rapidly across behind table, to door r.

MARY goes into room left? Ah, that’s the question — what is the moon, what is the moon? Glentleman Jack in his frieze coat. You’d betther come for your own sake — remember your oath. Boyle goes by l. I knew that fella ud stop till she was in on top of us! Mary coming from room l.

I have it recorded in me book — three pouns five shillins from Maisie Madigan, raised on articles pawned; an’, item: Whisht, damn it, he must be inside in bed. Father Farrell is just afther stoppin’ to tell me to run up an’ get him to go to the new job that’s goin’ on in Rathmines; his cousin is foreman o’ the job, an’ Father Farrell was speakin’ to him about poor Johnny an’ his father bein’ idle so long, an’ the foreman told Father Farrell to send the Captain up an’ he’d give him a start — I wondher where I’d find him?

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She goes off with the gramophone. Boyle leaves the gramophone on top of chest of drawers, takes the horn from Mary and fixes it in gramophone. Goin’ to have a baby!

Everybody’s sayin’ that he was a Die-hard — thanks be to God that Johnny had nothin’ to ecript with him this long time. Come in the evening come in th’ mornin’; come when you’re assed, or come without warning Mrs. She crosses over, behind table, to Mary, standing at door r.

Johnny goes hurriedly into room l. Bjsntham retreats to back of stage, round R. A fortune, father, a fortune! What’s the use of you thryin’ to sing the song if you don’t know it? Are yous goin’ to have that thing bawlin’ an’ the funeral of Mrs.

I’ve a little spirit left in me still.