JScrollPane; import ane; import MutableAttributeSet; import AttributeSet; import javax. JTextPane; //from w w w. j a v a 2 s. c o m public class Main { public static void main(String args[]) { JFrame f = new JFrame(); aultCloseOperation( JFrame. JTextPane is a subclass of JEditorPane class. JTextPane is used for styled document with embedded images and components. It is text component that can be.

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If you need a fully-fledged help system, take a look at the javahelp project. The text pane uses the default font and color defined by the current Swing look-and-feelrather than the font and color passed to the setFont … and setForeground … methods. Provides a customized text pane.

Hi Rahul, First of all, don’t be formal. If the text format is known, the editor pane initializes itself with the text found at the URL.

JTextPane To Pdf : to PDF « PDF « Java Tutorial

If there is no selection, the attributes are applied to the paragraph at the current caret position. This method is intended to be used only for debugging purposes, and the content and format of the returned string may vary between implementations.

Hi Thanks for the jtextpahe.

The name may be null if the style is unnamed, but the caller is responsible for managing the reference returned as an unnamed style can’t be fetched by name. Jtxetpane have a JTextpane where i will be adding instructions.

If jttextpane is no replacement text this amounts to a removal of the current selection. Edited 5 Years Ago by diafol: The code uses the default constructor to create the editor pane, then calls setEditable false so the user cannot edit the text.


JavaTechniques » Setting JTextPane Font and Color

If there is a selection, the attributes are applied to the paragraphs that intersect the selection. A new instance of StyledEditorKit is created and set, and the document model set to null. If there is a selection, the attributes are applied to the selection range.

The replacement text will have the attributes currently defined for input at jtexptane point of insertion. This is sentence one. Next, the code creates the URL object, and calls the setPage method with it. This may be null if unspecified attributes need not be resolved in some other style.

JTextPane To Pdf : to PDF « PDF « Java Tutorial

StyledDocument getStyledDocument Fetches utextpane model associated with the editor. Hi I have a JTextpane where i will be adding instructions. Instead, a program would use an editor pane to save a document which would then be used to initialize the text pane. The trick is to set the character attributes for the entire text content. Creates a new JTextPanewith a specified document model.

Here we list the facts again and provide a bit more detail. I think you can better post this one, in the Swing forum. For example, setting a value of 0. The information here should help you understand the differences between editor panes and text panes, and when jtextpanf use which.

Can anyone help me with this?

Applies the given attributes to paragraphs. Replaces the currently selected content with new content represented by the given string. Excepting u’r replies, Sonara. I just need it so the user can scroll down the text which isn’t visible. An unnamed style may be useful for things like character attribute overrides such as found in a style run. Style getLogicalStyle Fetches the logical style assigned to the paragraph represented by the current position of the caret, or null.


Unfortunately, however, while JTextPane makes complex things possible, it makes some simple things difficult. One task that you can accomplish without knowing anything about the Swing text system is displaying text from a URL.

adding Jscrollbar or Jscrollpane to Jtextpane

The code in Figure 2 does not produce the desired result: If u r not going for BreakIterator stuff then: Also see the jgextpane redistribution policy. It allows complex combinations of character and paragraph attributes, embedded images and components, and other features that let you build styled text editors. Ot I be using a scrollbar or scrollpane for a textpanel?

If there is no selection this amounts to an insert of the given text. Try to set the bounds of it. Inserts an icon into the document as a replacement for the currently selected content. Components and images may be embedded in the flow of text.

Next, the code loops over the arrays, inserts the text into the text pane, and specifies the style to use for the inserted text. Any pointers would be appreciated: Alternatively, to compile jtextpanne run the example yourself, consult the example index.