by. Jáchym Topol, . Sestra je bez diskuzí román, ke kterému se člověk musí pročíst a především prožít. .. Sestra je totiž kniha, kterou chci mít po ruce pořád. jachym topol sestra. 2 likes. Book. jachym topol sestra. Privacy · Terms. About. jachym topol sestra. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page?. Jáchym Topol () is often referred to as true modern European classic. when he made a devastating entrance with his first novel Sestra (City Sister Sliver).

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The hero passes through all sorts of fantastical situations: And translation-wise, the American gangspeak often clunks beside the Czech jachy, and references. It got easier later.

City Sister Silver – Wikipedia

I know that low-lifes are sometimes fascinating in a vicarious or a can’t look away fashion. There’s some social commentary, the most interesting being the various attempts at Capitalism and Westernisation that both Potok and his friends and others attempt throughout the book.

May 05, Nicole rated it liked it. May 29, Fernando rated it it was amazing Shelves: Underneath all of the cynicism, savagery, and rapaciousness, the chaos of gruesome scenes and macho talk, one senses something else, perhaps futile these days, but for which it is worth striving even with the awareness jacchym it fopol a losing battle: However the amount of slang and loss sentences drove me crazy. According to Zucker’s introduction, the original Czech publisher of City Sister Silver felt compelled to include a disclaimer stating that Topol’s “intent [is] to capture language in its unsystematicness and out-of-jointness.

Sam Vaknin After the Rain. He contributed to the Revolver Revue and Respekt journals, both as journalist and editor. However, Catbird Press has chosen to translate the title as City Sister Silver and exchange the cover artwork for a swirling repetition of the words “city,” “sister” and “silver.


Above the story of Potok and his clique lies the story of Potok’s search for his “sister,” or soul mate.

A rare language The language of Sestra is its most interesting aspect, and it is here that the issue of translation comes to the fore. Tpool he searches for meaning by running dodgy trades with the Far East, drinking too much, taking a truck load of hallucinogens, and then talking to his friends about the ridiculous dreams he has.

Jáchym Topol – Wikipedia

Open Preview See a Problem? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Apr 02, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nov 18, Russell rated it it was ok. Eliot’s “waste land” that literally ends up among the vast detritus of a newly capitalist Prague.

Stream-of-consciousness and mythological storytelling predominate. For example, “and” becomes “an” and “all of you” is “alla ya.

Quotes from City Sister Silver. The first is vibrant and full of flavor, lively; the second is earthy, dark, too pungent for some; the last is light and ethereal, hard to catch. City Sister Silver is a vibrantly fresh work, an epic novel that can be described as ‘post-reality grotesque. Vol 3, No 4 29 January See the review excerpts and excerpts from the book itself to get a more concrete idea of what City Sister Silver is all about. Would like to have given it more stars but for the confusing ju Set around the time that the wall came down some parts of the book are really good, things that I wasn’t aware of.

The rise and fall of a young man in Czechoslovakia in the years following the fall of communism, with a lot of confusing language and some magical realism, I think. However, Potok is less interested in business than in finding his soulmate, his Sister, creating a dizzying plot that blurs the storyline as much as the title in the cover. Eleanora Bulldogowicz rated it really liked it Aug 02, Aug 05, Maartje rated it did not like it.

Jáchym Topol

One facet of the group’s behavior is its members’ quasi-psychoanalytic dream analyses. Despite its sestta language sprinkled with slang and amorphous madeup words, City Sister Silver is one of the most enthralling novels I’ve had the pleasure to read! Most of the book seemed like a messy dream sequence or bad trip, and the parts that did make sense were just disturbing.


Potok’s jachm take dangerous and ill-fated twists as he This novel is set in post-Velvet Revolution Czech Republic. Sometimes the whole ” books” jachm leads somewhere I’d rather not be.

But really, I was baffled by this book. He is familiar with postmodern approaches, but he is also not afraid to voice stinging condemnations of racism, mafias, the parasitism of “Eurojournalists,” and the new post-revolution conformism.

What makes City Sister Silver so special is its language, its energy, and its ability to creatively capture the feelings that accompanied the opening up of Central and Eastern Europe in the 90s. Instead, he has created an alternative world, an aesthetic space.

Language and society build upon each other, and Topol’s frenzied, chaotic narrative is inseparable from the social anarchy that reigned during and shortly after Czechoslavakia’s Velvet Revolution. In reconstituting this atomized world, the author ignores conventional boundaries to summon up all the diverse powers of language. There’s no attempt at getting any empathy going and I think that’s a decision by the author to go that way so what is the point?

The use of English was bizarre and occasionally inpenetrable, and a lot of the action left me confused and cold.

After graduating from gymnasium he worked as a stoker, stocker, construction worker, and coal deliveryman. Potok’s adventures take dangerous and ill-fated twists as he pursues his “sister”- the woman he loves.