18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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Types and Uses of Measuring In-struments. Qualifications of Board Members. The seal shall be a dry circular seal, consisting of twoconcentric circles, the outer circle being 48 mm in diam-eter and the inner circle being 28 mm in diameter with theappearance of two rings of twisted wires.

Publicatio shall not be required of a Board’s resolution, order, directive or circular which is internal, administrative and not affecting the public, and nor penal or disciplinary in nature. All licensed professional electrical engineers may obtain aseal of a design prescribed by the Board bearing theregistrants name, the certificate number and the legendProfessional Electrical Engineer.

Executive Officer of the Board. Queries or com-munications which do not require collective official actionor reply by the Board, or which are ministerially actionablemay be answered and signed by the Chairman or a BoardMember, or the Secretary of the Professional RegulatoryBoard if authorized by the Chairman. The respondent shall have the right to a speedy andpublic hearing and to confront and cross-examine witnessesagainst him.

Opinion on and Interpretation of R. Transcript of Records with name of the course, date ofgraduation and S.

The igr of the successful examinees with the names andgrades of topnotchers and the names of topperformerschools shall be officially published in the newspaper itr circulation. Re-examination of Failed Subjects – 1. Exemption from Examination and Regis-tration. FOREWORDEthics is a set of moral principles or values to governthe conduct of an individual belonging to a group or pro-fession on the basis of honesty, fairness, and justice.

As a prerequisitefor registration as professional electrical engineer, regis-tered electrical engineer, and registered master electrician,the applicant jrr shall comply with the followingrequirements. He is a holder of the degree of Bachelor of Science inElectrical Engineering BSEE from a university,school, college, academy or institute duly constituted,recognized and accredited by the Philippine govern-ment; and,e. Violation of any of the herein Rules, any policy or ad-ministrative issuance by the Board or Commission;3.


Sign a document involving electrical design, plan, tech-nical specification, valuation and the like on behalf of aprofessional electrical engineer. The certificate shall remain in full force and effect until with-drawn, suspended, or revoked in accordance with law.

Implementing Rules and Regulations

Design and preparation of plans, specifications andestimates for electric powers systems, power plans,power distribution system including power trans-formers, transmissions lines and network protec-tion, switchgear, building wiring, electrical ma-chines, equipment and others;3.

An Electrical Engineer should give creditfor the engineering work to the person whom the credit islegally due. Render decision, order or resolution on preliminaryinvestigation or inquiry, on undocketed cases and ondocketed administrative cases against examinees orregistrants which shall become final and executoryunless appealed with the Commission within fifteen 15 days from receipt of the copy thereof.

Substation is any building, room or separate placewhich houses or encloses electric supply equipmentconnected to transmission or distribution lines and theinterior of which is accessible, as a rule, only to prop-erly qualified persons.

R.A. NO. by Ian Punzalan on Prezi

Watercrafts or electric locomotives with installed gen-erating capacity up to the maximum size and voltageavailable for these units – one 1 professional electri-cal engineer or one registered electrical engineer. Engineering science and allied subject, such as: Register successful applicants for professional electri-cal engineers and applicants who have passed the li-censure examinations for registered master electriciansand issue the corresponding certificates of registrationand professional licenses;f.

Therelease of the results may or may idr coincide with the re-lease of the results for Registered Electrical Engineers andRegistered Master Electricians. Commissioner the Chairman of the Professional Regu-lation Commissiond.

RA 7920 and IRR

The Board of Electri-cal Engineering shall, within one hundred fifty daysafter the date of completion of the examinations, report theratings obtained by each candidate to the Commission. In the event of refusal to issue certificatesfor any reason, the Board shall give the applicant a writtenstatement setting forth the reasons for such action, whichstatement shall be incorporated in ird records of the Board. Issuance of Certificates of Registration andProfessional Licenses.

Electric plants with total installed generating capacityof any size and employing voltages of any standardratings 720 1 professional electrical engineer or one 1 registered electrical engineer.

The keystone of professionalconduct is integrity. Requirements for Examination as a Registered Master Electrician – An applicant for the examination as Registered Master Electrician shall submit the following: Proof of Philippine Citizenship, e. An applicant for ta examination asRegistered Electrical Engineer shall submit the following: For Professional Electrical Engineers: Separability Clause – If, for any reason, any section or provision of the herein “Rules and Regulations” or the application of 9720 rules and regulations or provisions to any person or circumstance is declared unconstitutional, unlawful or invalid, no other section or provision of this “Rules and Regulations” shall be affected thereby.

  AR 604-10 PDF

Description and Operatingprinciples of Motors, Generators and Transform-ers. He is a registered electrical engineer with valid certifi-cate of registration and professional license and withfour 4 years or more of active practice reckoned fromthe date of his registration as a registered electricalengineer.

Utilization equipment refers to urr including motors, heaters, furnaces, lightsources, and other devices which utilize electric en-ergy, for any purpose.

Violation of any of the herein Rules, any policy or administrative issuance issued by the Board or Commission. Examination forthe practice of electrical engineering in the Philippinesshould be given twice a year in the City of Manila and otherplaces on dates that the Board may recommend for deter-mination of ga. A quorum or majority lrr shall consist of two 2 members of the Board.

Proof of Philippine Citizenship, e. The Publication of the Examination. Irr of Ra Documents.

Unnecessary and irrelevant data, charts, drawings, pictures and information not referred to in the discussion shall be avoided. The Board’s or Commission’s decision is appealable by the respondent to the Court of Appeals in accordance with the procedures provided under the Rules of Court. Has completed at least three 3 years of a five yearBachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering BSEE program or a three-year course in electri-cal engineering technology from an engineeringschool recognized by the Philippine governmentand, in addition, has a subsequent specific recordof one 1 year practice in electrical wiring and in-stallation, operations and maintenance of utiliza-tion devices and equipment; or2.

For Professional Electrical Engineers: He has not been finally convicted by the court of anoffense involving moral turpitude;d.

Action on Communication – Queries or communications which do not require collective official action or reply by the Board, or which are ministerially actionable may be answered and signed by the Chairman or a Board Member, or the Secretary of the Professional Regulatory Board if authorized by the Chairman.