View and Download Intermec user manual online. bar code. Label Maker pdf manual download. Also for: , View and Download Intermec EasyCoder user manual online. Intermec EasyCoder User Guide. EasyCoder Printer pdf manual download. Intermec Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Intermec User Manual.

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Causes the printer to exit Test and Service mode. You can position the label mark sensor anywhere from the inboard edge of the printer to the center of the paper path. Using Forms Adjust Use the roller alignment tool during reassembly to align the outboard plate. Posted on Feb 15, Be the first to answer.

Other Intermec Manuals The following manuals provide additional information about equipment that works with your bar code label printer. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This chapter provides some hints for troubleshooting error messages that the printer sends to the host and problems you may experience with the printer.

Intermec 3400 Manuals

If you cannot get a printer working properly with an adjustment or alignment, troubleshoot for a component failure. At this point, the label has been completely imaged but printing has not finished.


To clean the sensors 1. They can be set to high, low, or square wave outputs. Poor quality label or ribbon Use only Intermec label and ribbon stock to stock. If the customer uses tag stock or continuous media, you may want to clean after every five rolls of media, or more often if necessary.

When the input buffer intermed full, the printer transmits an XOFF character. The distance between the edge of a label and where the printing starts on that label.

Intermec Manuals

Replace circuit breaker if defective. The intermfc voltage on pins 2 and 6 of U2 is established by the pulse width modulation input M5. Retain them for reassembly.

Adjusting The Label Mark Sensor Use a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the pinch rollers. International Character Sets U. While they are printing, adjust the TTR supply hub up or down with the thumbscrew on the tool until ribbon wrinkling is eliminated.

Position liner reverse gear 1 between the motor plate and the liner takeup subplate and check for proper engagement with liner reverse gear 2. This data, along with the media sensitivity information, is used to determine the proper amount of energy for that dot.

Full text of “Intermec Service Manual”

If you decide you need to and can, carefully and logically swap known good printers, subassemblies, or components with failing or suspect items as a means of isolating the cause of the problem. To adjust the print darkness control 1. Discard the old snap ring.


The first band will be reused after it has been completely printed. A good test will result in the following printout: Using a soft bristle brush, remove all debris and dust from the label gap sensor.

Install the new AC nitermec plug and input filter assembly and secure it with the two screws removed in Step 3.

Inspect or test the operation of these printer elements at every service visit. To print a test label 1. Turn the bias adjust screw counterclockwise to compensate for light print on the right side of the label; turn the bias adjust screw clockwise to compensate for light print on the left side. To enter Test and Service mode and select test functions at the printer 1.