The GY gyro by Futaba is perhaps the most popular RC helicopter gyro ever. need the manual for the GY, you can grab that here. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. Manual GY Be the first to rate this product. Recommend ยท Ask question. Description. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. CopterX GY Digital Gyro user manual. Thank you for purchasing CopterX GY Gyro! High performance, light weight gyro with AVCS (Angular Vector.

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The rudder input lead for the gyro is plugged into the rudder channel slot in the receiver. In the old days, we ran as much gain as possible without having the tail “hunt” or “wag”. Inhibit all preprogrammed gyro software in the transmitter.

My most popular eBook! For now set both to but later you may need to adjust this down a little to keep the gyro from ‘hunting’.

Futaba GY Gyro How-to

On a Futaba receiver, this is channel number 4. I have my tail servo mounted up front and I added a slight bend to the front mmanual so the link is at the same height as the ball on the servo arm.

Proper trim can and should be obtained mechanically by adjusting the tail rotor pushrod.


The GY works best with the or servos, period. To get the tail to move faster or slower, adjust the rudder channel travel. Mount the Gyro on the back plate behind the main shaft.

I also use a JR Ball link resizing tool to remove unecessary resistance from the ball links.

The first thing to do is make the link slide as free as possible. Adjust the tail rotor linkage until the model hovers with the tail in trim.

Manual GY – Robbe Futaba

Make certain left and right inputs are checked, because many helicopters have asymmetrical tail rotor pitch change mechanisms. Check and double-check this point, because getting it backwards can cause needless excitement on a model’s first flight.

Do not use the rudder ATV for this purpose. This value may be well below the point of “hunting”, but that is just fine. Next check that the front link is centered with the ball on the servo arm.

The Futaba GY401 Gyro

Ask 5 RC helicopter enthusiasts what the best solid state heading lock gyro was when they first came out, and 4 of them will likely say the GY Next set the rudder servo arm so that it points straight up with the rudder stick and rudder trim centered. It should be solid in AVCS mode. Make the connections just as shown in the manual picture to the left comes from the manual. The large range of heli size usage and outstanding performance is why the GY outsold every other performance gyro on the market.


Vibration is the cause of low gain settings. This gives HH when the switch is up. Adjust the guides to acheive the least resistance.

The Esky F V2 is an inexpensive and cool little scale Airwolf heli that is easy to fly. Notice that the values are different, you do not need as much to rotate the helicopter to the left because it is going ‘with’ the torque in that direction. Multiple layers of tape are unnecessary and potentially detrimental yg401 gyro performance if the mounting becomes excessively “spongy”. To select both sides flip the GEAR switch.

Manual GY401

Confirm that no sub-trim or ATV is present in the transmitter in any flight condition on the rudder channel. Set the DIP switch on the gyro for digital servo, assuming the or is installed. The manaul combo included the ultra fast digital Futaba S tail rotor specific servo.

If not, then flip the reverse switch located on the top of the gyro.