MUSIC · SHOWS · STORE · LESSONS · BIO · CONTACT · PROMO · GALLERY · Home · How I learned Vol 2. How I learned Vol 2. $ Audio and. Documents Similar To gonzalo bergara gipsy jazz Gypsy Jazz Secrets. Uploaded by. 루이스. Robin Nolan – The Gypsy Jazz Vol. 5. Uploaded by. It’s my birthday so I left a little treat to myself on this special day! Gonzalo Bergara is one of my favorite musicians ever. His music is pure joy and.

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It looks like you’re new here. Then I set it to loop while speeding up just a little each time, so it gradually gets faster and faster. Many important ideas covered Cons: On the opposite page is a detailed explanatory discussion that breaks it down a cord at a time. I’ve just worked through two numbers so far, “All of Me” and “Minor Swing” and because of all the new-to-me fingerings, I’m having trouble keeping up with Gonzalo, even playing his 5 mph versions!

I give it five stars!

It’s a nice place to find some phrases that work for you and start doing what Denis suggests in his first improv cd: With the evolution of the internet, you can even get premium jazz guitar instruction videos and tutorials and other websites that will definitely make you a full fledged jazz guitar player once you complete the exercises.

Bergarx also has a short written explanation on practicing and proper technique of the right hand.

Gonzalo Bergara: How I Learned Vol Gypsy Jazz Instruction Book CD –

And Django knew to use rests and not just play every second. But don’t be fooled by the small number of etudes, because these six etudes are jam packed with musical information! Clear and concise explanations. Your Shopping Cart Your shopping cart is llearned empty. Would be very cool.


Gonzalo Bergara “Djangophonic” transcriptions

Gonzalo calls these “bubble notes,” for some reason. You can cut up sections and save them as independent files too. Anyone that listens to Django knows he could play two notes and make your heart race with them.

Because the guitar is a stringed instrument and vibrato, pull-offs, and other ornaments give it an expressive power that many instruments don’t have so maybe I am biased. Notify me of new comments via email. Learn how your comment data is processed. I would say finding new ways to go, to not get stuck in one place with your same 8 phrases. Thanks, everyone for your support. Each solo can be approached as either an etude or as a source for lick generation in the style of this music.

This, again, just solves the problem that you know phrases but want to connect them, or play substitutions, build tensions, etc. These books are good for a beginner, but great for the person somewhat familiar with arpeggios looking for hip and modern ways to connect them.

Actually despite all my whining, it’s coming along pretty well, and when I do try to play it absolutely solo I can now usually make it all the way through with only minor mistakes Gonzalo is actually talking about 2 of the most important aspects of productive practice: I just figured out something that other Mac users may have learned years ago, but just in case you’re as slow as me Adrian’s the computer programmer who developed that SoundSlicer program that some of you may have seen MP3s only, do not need the videos, thanks so much.


I think the more I grew as a player and a person I started being a bit more thoughtful. One owner, pre-war style, rare bubble maple in breathtaking condition!

How I learned Vol 2

If anybody has a worn, used copy and would like to sell it, please PM me. Does anybody have the mp3s for the songs from Gonzalo Bergara: Login to enhance your online experience. Get a metronome, set it slow, and enjoy the journey.

If I want to play it all day I will. This is great; personally I don’t put enough ideas in a song concept. Notify me of new posts via email.

January edited January Thus, whether the guitarist is a novice or at the intermediate level, learning jazz guitar scales is imperative. This allows you to play the etudes in infinite loops, chorus after chorus.

Comment deleted as books are now sold. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Then I take one, slow it waaaay down, and loop it over and over as I get it under my fingers. For each tune he has included what I suppose could best be described as an etude. Tell us about your influences and what was going on around betgara at the time. Bones on December Transcribe is a great piece of software that really helps for all that.