Sep 28, GW necessarily makes the FAQ/Errata with the tournament scene in mind, Could someone explain how this effects Eldar Webway Strike and. Eldar/Species Abilities/Outsider: Change this to. “+2DN to all Interaction tests with WRATH & GLORY CORE RULES ERRATA. September 10 Version 2. Jul 2, Now that 8th Edition’s been out a while, it’s time to get some things straight. Newly released from Games Workshop–a huge new list of errata.

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Im curious what kinda list you were running anyways. It’s a nerf that wasn’t needed, and nobody was calling for it. Maybe its the fact that they are charging, they are gliding like 3ft off the ground, kinda like a dive bomb?


Must pay points in matched play for any new units created spore mine stratagem, endless swarm, etc. Acolytes cost way to much.

You can’t “go around” those giant hordes, you have to completely bypass them Flip Belts. That is completely unacceptable.

CP Farms are still viable, but “recharging the CP battery” is not. Realistically, primaris for every 10 marines. CP changes, Freeblade clarifications, few other minor clarifications. Now has a nifty flow chart for figuring out when you use rules from which book.

It’s a little silly. This kind of mentality is likely what you ran into. The idea of playing a faction that is subpar is totally alien to this players mentality; why would you play a frrata faction?

Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds. Points changes for Switclaws, Skyclaws, and combat shield. Interestingly it’s also the way it’s been in all of the previous editions since 2nd RT had some odd stuff. Also, why Terminators can’t float around in Repulsors. The sum of the parts is what was so good, and each piece it the puzzle just got worse. The Emperor sees you spent a bunch of money, and will not bless you by nerfing what you bought and buffing something new and expensive.

  ASC 740-10 PDF

Wargear clarifications as per the SM codex. This errata is just a clarification of how we all were supposed to be playing already. Abberants cost way too much. The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures, but there are also many video games, board games, books, ect.

Major errata for profiles and keywords. Erratta deamon prince and clarification that you can use stratagem from any detachment in your army on any other detachment as long as the unit meets the requirements for the stratagem.

Blood Angels, Grey Knights, and others all get seriously hurt That still leaves Rhinos and Razorbacks as cheap dedicated transport options for old-style Marines.

It’s also on a much more mobile platform that doesn’t punch itself in the face to use it’s abilities. GW continues to chase the tournament meta nerfing anything in their way.

Anyway, bit of a tangent, and I do think that was a pretty harsh nerf to that rule, but I do feel slightly vindicated for ignoring the unhelpful advice to play whichever currently OP faction is popular. It was not aimed at fixing BA as a faction, that will come later in CA. Its a net swing of -8 or CP on average over the course of a game, which is a huge nerf.

A- yes, treat such units as they are arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements” That was always the argument, you can’t warptime your dark matter crystal’d tzaangors because they count as reinforcements according to that clause in the faq.

Clarifies targeting scramblers Harlequins: I wouldn’t worry about it too much, this hobby like any other with a competitive element has these kind of players. Granted I expect their codex will address some of that, with the right relics and powers and slight changes to the ambush rule they could be really good. Clearly the Emperor’s will is to sell Repulsors. Was reaaaaally hoping they’d errata plasma to work like it does in kill team, and only blow up on unmodified 1s. Clarifications on Phoenix Gem.


If you list them as blood ravens then no luck. For instance I’m planning on finishing my Space Marines as Blood Ravens, but using them as Raven Guard and their chapter tactics and traits. Not you specifically, but the fact they are only playable that way is lame. That also fucked them over but now they got the last nail in the coffin and the coffin has been shot into the fucking sun.

Wow, Blood Angel players erratx going to like this even less now.

New 8th Edition FAQ and Errata – Bell of Lost Souls

Clarifications to Daemonic Ritual. For a few months people rolled for their units. Didn’t fix the problem at all, just slaped a bandage on a specific unit elda stratagem combo rather than addressing the real issue. I have fed back to their email address [ wrrata gwplc. But those points have to come from somewhere, and if my opponent is spending another couple hundred on a brigade it means that’s a couple hundred not going to wards BA or Knight upgrades.

Berzerkers and Noise marines are troops for their respective armies. The fact that you have to elear tyranids and imperial guard is lame. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I fully believe they do no genuine play testing before rolling out changes.

There is nothing to suggest that ba will definitely be fixed in CA. Codex is likely a few months out still. For all of the FW indexes.