Eka Eka / একা একা. – Humayun Ahmed (হুমায়ূন আহমেদ). Eka Eka By:Humayun Ahmed Book Type: Novels. বইটি কিনতে ফোন করুন (BOIMELA). Eka is a most popular (Famous) book of Western Series. Free download or read online ✅Eka bangla book from the category of Western Humayun Ahmed. 24 এপ্রিল 2. .. /Eka +Eka+By+Humayun+Ahmed+%5BNirjoy%

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Eka Eka by Humayun Ahmed

The novel abounds all the activities of the Pakistani Army and their collaborator Rajakars — their the deceiving approach to the common people of the village; lustrous attitude towards tender aged girls; contemptuous view to Hindu religion and people etc. This write-up intends to analyse some of his novels selected at random to identify the qualities that make Humayun Ahmed prominent.

Some may argue on its qualities of being a novel, but undoubtedly it is one that attracted a huge number of readers. Only five members, who are a part of a larger group who are advancing to attack a group of Pakistani army is the focal subject of the novel. Tagor, whose granddad is on deathbed, is humyaun narrator of this story.

Humayun has never gone off this trend: Both of them behave and talk madly which do not comply with normalcy. Home Novelists Humayun Ahmed: The episode of Meera can make anyone tearful. One day Soma pays visit to the new family who has got up a nearby rented house.


Any meticulous reader of him may find a sort of semblance between his early and recent novels. Fulkumari by Sihab Sorkar. In Kobi The Poets, some of the talks and thoughts of Atahar, the protagonist, is simply exaggeration of it.

EKA EKA BY HUMAYUH AHMED ~ Humayun Ahmed Books ! ( হুমায়ুন আহমেদ সমগ্র )

Bhuto by Iqbal Ahmeed Kobir. Khuda Brittanto by Sayed Samshul Haque. From the very beginning of the novel the obscene talks of Rabeya begin to attract the readers. Ekti Atmahothya O Bishonno Kotha. Poneroti Golpo by Sharbari Choudhury Maddhanya By Humayun Ahmed [Part. The novel opens when Soma is deciding to leave Kamal.

বাংলা বইয়ের এক বিশাল সংগ্রহ | Android Bazar

These loose and irrelevant talks know no bound as the volume of it is a bit larger. Reviews 0 Reviews There are no hummayun yet.

This haunting pushes him so far away that once it is revealed that Shuvro is not born of his mother, rather his mother was a prostitute with whom his father would make love. The third poet of the novel is Mojid, though he has taken a very small place in the novel.

So when the relatives of Meera finalize all arrangement to marry her off, shmed do not inform her father about it. These two books brought him much acquaintance among the reading public of Bangla novels. In this regard it may be mentioned that the thinner volumes of Humayun do not lose the integrity that Kobi has.


It has failed to touch the completeness that we get in Nondito Naroke or Shankhoneel Karagar or some other shorter novels of Humayun. Though this one is also hmuayun incomplete picture of our great fight, but conveys a touchy description of a group of freedom fighter youths in an action. We may observe that whenever he has tried to come out of that trend, his popularity faces a peril.


In stock Out of stock In this witty and warm-hearted account, famous traveller-writer Gaurishankar Bhattacharya tells what it is like to explore the wonderful aura of nature in Dooars and Terai.

In humsyun context it may be commented that whenever Humayun has innovated some new technique for his novels away from his over used presentation he has been able a little to draw his own readers: Apni Kothai Misir Ali!

Narir Kono Desh Nei. Bishkhalir by Monjillur Rahman.