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He was obviously the protagonist hero, but he had some kind of connection to the antagonist aliens. Earthfall was an exciting book that kept you in suspense and was shrouded in mystery throughout. Aliens have invaded Earth and turned humans into mindless, speechless zombies who work as slaves building a giant structure for the aliens. He pulled the water bottle from the side pocket of his pack and allowed himself one quick swig.

If so, say so. Because after he emerges from his underground bunker and is wounded by a flying drone, a hail of machine-gun fire ultimately reveals two very important truths: This is not a big deal for me, it’s HUGE!

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What I didn’t like was the clear rip-off of Stephen King’s Cell, where the good guys head to Wembley stadium and find all makr mindless humans laying on their backs. That isn’t so bad since it makes sense for an invading force like the Voidborn to gather its workforce up, stock up on food and water and keep them together ready for working on whatever that thing in London they were supposed to be building.

Each chapter was often a page turner, wadlen I liked, and I also want to see what happens next. By then he might not even be able to climb the ladder to the surface. As the door closed again, he was plunged into darkness. More Books By Mark Walden. You get a varied cast of characters that are surprisingly developed and have a background story that adds to how everyone behaved. However, all ,ark irritating eadthfall and pieces aside, I did indeed enjoy Earthfall.

There is just enough details given to create an amazing story, yet it isn’t scary or overly complicated. When something would happen, I would think – what? Who Are You Calling Weird?


Fighting a rising tide of panic, the boy looked around the storeroom. He dropped to one earthfal and tried in vain to pull the shutter up, but without electricity it was pointless—it was locked firmly in place. The handle turned and he stepped into the gloom of the room beyond. It picked up when Sam met up with the other survivors though.

Aug 13, Mark Buxton rated it really liked it. Earthfall Synopsis If you are caught you will not return, if you escape they will hunt you down. In the end I’m glad I read this. He scraped the last of the tomato sauce out of the can and threw it into the corner of the room, where it joined many others.

A fairly short book but it seemed to take forever to get through. To ask other readers questions about Earthfallplease sign up. To his left he saw the electronic control panel that would once have raised and lowered the eearthfall steel shutter, and cursed under his breath.

Cornered again, Sam thinks he has reached the end – then waldwn drone is shot down in a hail of machine gun fire. Plenty for the adrenalin junkies to enjoy then! Why did Walsen survive a Hunter sting that usually kills within minutes, and why can’t anyone else hear the sounds from the Threat like I do? The only surviving humans to retain free-will are a bunch of children earhtfall chips implanted in wadlen brains and a scientist who invented the chip.

His dreams had rarely been pleasant since that day eighteen months ago, but this one had been unusually vivid.

I kept hoping for just a earyhfall of romance between Sam and Rachel or a love triangle to include Jay, but then I realized this is a “Save the Earth from aliens” book, not a YA romance, although just a hint would have been nice. Whenever he was in an inescapable scenario someone always seemed to appear out of nowhere and save him. It’s more of a novelette, but the spacing, page thickness, and font size fill it out to pages.

Stirling keeps his research to himself, too, saying only that he is working on a way to defeat the aliens. In five minutes Sam realises two things- he is not alone and the drone injury should have killed him instantly – yet he is still alive. Actually, the climax included a huge surprise that will have a dramatic effect on the eartthfall.


Want to Read saving…. It works itself out, but it was a tad confusing.

This is a dystopian novel with mechanical aliens like in the Jack Blank trilogy. All Shortlists and Winners. I guess we all talk to ourselves from time to time, but this felt forced somehow, as if the author thought he needed to put snippets of dialogue in to break up the narrative for fear of boring them with long chunks of description.

Every day is a struggle to find food and water without getting caught. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. If he could just make it the three hundred feet to the end of this street, then he would be safe, for the moment at least.

Within 24 hours, alien spaceships have appeared above every major city across the world and enslaved the entire population with a mind probe. I’ve been hiding from Hunters in the sewers of London ever since the alien ships arrived a year and a half ago. Sure, there were lots of places to hide and initially there had been plentiful supplies everywhere, but the Walkers were stripping the city bare and it seemed like there were more and more Drones patrolling every night.

Earthfall (Earthfall, #1) by Mark Walden

I loved Sam, who was brave and practical and very relatable unlike Otto from H. Where did Rachel and Jay come from? Suddenly he was shaken by a coughing fit that made the gash across his chest flare with searing pain. For example, for one extraterrestrial species, the name went from Drones to Hunters to Voidborns to Workers. Ill and disorientated, he is found by a small, organized group of other kids who are battling to save the Earth from the invasion.