“Dragons of Desolation” is the fourth module in TSR’s “Dragonlance” series and ends the first third of the adventure. Tracy Hickman and Michael Dobson present . “Dragons of Desolation” is the fourth DRAGONLANCE adventure for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system, and concludes the First. DL4 – Dragons of Desolation – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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AD&D Adventure Review – DL4 Dragons of Desolation – Merric’s Musings

The map is easy to use and has a sensible layout. So, DL5 has nothing to salvage for a non-Dragonlance game, unless you really need the history of the Heroes of the Lance for another game. Both versions of the game have smaller encounters afterwards: Watch list is full. You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not d4l described in d,4 listing.

The rest of the adventure, well, the sandboxy bits from DL3 have been tossed out the window for a bunch of scripted crud.

AD&D Adventure Review – DL4 Dragons of Desolation

Still, easily done if you don’t need to write in some climactic scripted encounter. There is nothing remotely gameable ddl4 DL5 – it does have a nice map of Krynn, but better ones are easy to find. Can you succeed in your mission before the draconians destroy the hidden camp of the refugees? Product Dl Comments and opinions on books by fellow fans. In the later RPG supplements, the evil dwarven clans of the theiwar and daergar are their own subrace of dwarves, but not the classic duergar and derro in other settings.

John Moura rated it really liked it Jul 25, Overall, this section is fine as-is. An item that has been used previously. He concluded his review by sharing his feelings on the module:.

  8551 ASCO PDF

Peat rated it really liked it Dec 08, The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Otherwise it will edsolation feel empty and featureless.

Dragons of Desolation

In the default adventure, the two dark dwarven clans turn on each other when the Theiwar side with Verminaard, as the Daegar thane Rance had a deal that the Dragonarmies would hand him the Hammer instead Verminaard seeks to take it for himself.

Jeremy rated it it was ok Jan 02, Ultimately, Dragons of Desolation is a disappointment. Packages usually ship within 24 – 48 hours of payment being received. A record of both Tracy and Laura’s DNA currently orbits on the international space station and he is the writer and editor of the first science-fiction movie actually filmed in space. I say the dodge is clever because it reduces the mapping load, and it has a good explanation – dwarves are conservative, and like things done the same way over and over.

In my games I had Arman and Raelgar fighting in the background, describing how the heroic dwarf was starting to lose, as he lost his footing and the treacherous Thane raised a poison dagger to plunge into his chest Instead of mapping the entire dwarven city, the adventure provides a poster map that contains 16 geomorphic maps about feet x feet that can be combined to create certain areas of the city; their arrangements are then listed for the areas the characters are expected to enter.

Unless the party has a dwarven PC, to an outside observer the feuding of council politics comes off as a less-established clan jockeying for power, rather than an obvious Evil McTraitorface trying to play the part of a villain with good publicity.

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Instead, a guardian or magic powers to slow the characters down and try to get them to leave, aided by such spells as guards and wards. Irini rated it really liked it Jun 29, The Honor of the Hylar Eventually the PCs will come or be brought to the Life-Tree of the Hylar, a massive half mile high stalagmite with a dwarven city carved into it that rises out of the middle of an underground lake. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A lot of material is dragond here to allow the DM to create encounters if the players decide to ignore the plot.

In addition to the three draconian types introduced so far, there is one cool new monster: They are fine with it… just as long as the characters retrieve for them the fabled Hammer of Kharas from a floating tomb…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Views Read Edit View history. Kenneth Lewis rated it liked it Nov 14, As a token of ensuring the party’s cooperation, the council keeps Desolarion Shatterstone as a hostage which is Raelgar, the Theiwar Thane’s, idea.

It’s basically an opportunity for the villain to show up, gloat, and make an offer to the party to betray the refugees.

However, they gave fantastic opportunities for players to roleplay, especially when they found themselves in situations like those of the dreams.

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