This is understandable, as many tumors bear an actual physical resemblance to Hulda Regehr Clark, who surprisingly posesses a PhD in physiology from the. Hulda Regehr Clark. · Rating details · 93 ratings · 7 reviews. Cancer can now be cured, not only the early stages, but also advanced cancer, stages four and. Hulda Regehr Clark was a Canadian naturopath, author, and practitioner of alternative medicine. Clark claimed all human disease was related to parasitic infection, and also claimed to be able to cure all diseases, including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

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Clark proceeded to test the investigator and “told him he had the HIV virus [ sic ], but said that he did not have cancer.

Hulda Regehr Clark – Wikipedia

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Herald-Times19 April Imagine that you were then to vure the contraption to your knuckles by means of two leads and listen to the sound emanating from a little speaker in the apparatus. It is a total approach that not only shrinks tumors, but also normalizes your blood chemistry, lowers your cancer markers, and returns your health. Diet is the source of most dis ease If you want to know whether there is any aluminum in your brain, weakening it and fkr making it more susceptible to disease, the Syncrometer can tell you.

But this book is not about remission. But cooking in Teflon isn’t a good idea.

The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured

Books by Hulda Regehr Clark. The Cure for All Cancers: But anyone can publish anything. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Have you heard of the book “The Cure of all Cancers”?

Bumbling criminal has two left feet. After two years of study at McGill Universityshe attended the University of Minnesota studying biophysics and cell physiology.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After reading this, you will think twice, three times about everything you eat and put into your body.

The patients with medically diagnosed cancer did not respond to Clark’s treatment, while those she had diagnosed using the “Syncrometer” were “cured”.

Pizzorno concluded that Clark’s treatments were ineffective and treatments based on Clark’s recommendations “pose a substantive public health danger”. But other solvents, such as methanol or xylene can also initiate cancer when present together with the parasite.

DrCatherine rated it it was amazing May 23, I think there are many positive and holistic responses to cancer but this gets them all a bad name. Six years later, in SeptemberClark was located and arrested in San DiegoCaliforniabased on a fugitive warrant from Indiana.

The story would be funny, if the possible consequences were not so sad. Where do I find this stuff?

Archived from the original on Epilepsy and seizures are caused by swelling in the brain, attracting calcium and heavy metals, created by the parasite ascaris as well as by malvina natural dye found in strawberries, chicken, and eggs. And then again, one wonders about many people resort to this nonsense at the expense of proven remedies.

Unfortunately, they also die because of it. Jul 07, Carol Waters rated it did not like it Shelves: A live crab would be placed on the body at a site close to the tumor, huldw there for a while, and then the animal would be removed and killed.

Gigi rated it it was ok Oct 09, The idea was that the tumor would develop some kind of association with the crab and would somehow be sympathetically destroyed along with the poor crustacean.


Catherine rated it liked it Sep 20, It is about a cure. It’s a positive wake up call. Harlow Reseburg rated it it was amazing Jun 22, She then stated everything she had told them had been a “mistake”. A month later, on 6 October her family published a summary of the cause of death being multiple myelomaa blood and bone cancer as “the most likely cause.

Bear in mind she also wrote the cure of all disease and the cure for AIDS. Return to Book Page.

Accessed 15 Feb Imagine that you were told that alp could be cured of the disease in just five days by identifying and then removing the cause of your cancer. Views Read Edit View history. Ellen Sullivan rated it liked it Feb 13, She then goes on to cure people of a disease they never had. According to the detailed instructions, just buy a piece of pork brain, place it on the calrk next to a piece of aluminum, attach the leads and listen for “resonance.

Shiwangi Srivastava rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Dr curee clark rated it liked it May cancer, Her lawyer protested the long delay before her arrest, but a prosecutor implied that she fled Indiana “when she learned that she was being investigated by the state,” and the local police department had limited resources to devote to finding her.

Oct 21, Susana Stock rated it really liked it. Similarly, you can use a piece of fish intestine to test for parasites in your colon. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.