One of the books that I’ve read discussed about a conditioning called MENTAL CONDITIONING for a gamefowl. The author said that it is more. The KEEP is a conditioning method for fighting fowl that is patterned after the latest studies of human athletic competition. The Best Conditioning Method for Gamefowls Competing In the Long Knife – Kindle edition by Sabong Culture and Art. Download it once and read it on your.

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The best conditioning method Purebreed8. I maintain this feed and work routine until three days before fight time. The Ensure will help the birds regulate their moisture irregardless of the weather conditions.

The Keep: Feeding (A Conditioning System for Preparing Gamefowl before a Derby ) ยป Reach Unlimited

I’m new to this sport, ever actually put a bird in the pit, hell i just handled a chick for the first time a fist full of days ago. Wich no one wants. August 12th, The best conditioning method sir purebreds thanks for gamefwol the keeps We’ve done similar things to all domestic animals.

What are you’re “insights” about this? This is optional, I think it’s more for you than the rooster. Slowly making their gamefosl work in a manner beneficial to our own.

I start out with ten flys and increase it by five a day. Because all he has his mind on is wanting to fight and bite on a person insted of a cock.


In conditioning for the gaff or short knife the keep is the same except during the work week you may want to fly the rooster on the work board: Any keep or video you see with board work is dated to say the least. Results 1 to 30 condigioning Strings 10 am – 12 noon The next day they will act sleepy but look out come fight day-you’ll have a hard time holding on to them! If you fight on Saturday at about noon, feed conditioing teaspoon leveled of half cracked corn and half barley wet with buttermilk on Friday night.

They are born to procreate, each generation getting better, as its predators get better, and their environment changes. This keeps them active and working. The best conditioning method Sir, pls. April 8th, At the pit, I dump them every thirty minutes until I’m satisfied they are empty, then black them out until the first fight is called.

The Keep: Feeding (A Conditioning System for Preparing Gamefowl before a Derby )

I’m a visual person and I’m just trying to visualise it so that I may replicate and introduce your method into my training protocol. Don’t make your cock fly up after a cock. Thursday at 1 pm. By bien in forum Chicken Talk.

When traveling short distances, be sure there is no feed in craw before you start. I’ve noticed that cocks that dont have their minds right dont do to good in the drag. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the conditionign week, put one tablespoon of redcell vitamins per six cocks on night feed. If they appear to be drying out too quickly, I give them a peck of the keep feed-tomato juice mix.


BarajasRed thanked for this post. Once i have tried it, and really works for me. GP13 thanked for this post. For the evening feed, put 1 cup of rice half white, half browngamefwol cups of popcorn and 4 cups of water in a pot, boil 20 minutes covered, and let stand five minutes.

Gamecock Fowl: 3 week keep gamefowl

Salamat sir, it will help that alot. Any animal thats well cared for and feels cared for, is bound to bebetter than a mistreated one. Cock with strong determination or mentally conditioned will fight ’til his last breath Quadrupedal Movement- Parkour Training and Conditioning. Squat- Parkour Training and Conditioning.

Gamefowl conditioning methods : Gamefowl conditioning by Dante Hinlo Part 3

Gameness comes from the mind – mentally not physically Mind willing – Body weak It is when his mind and body jelled as one dynamic gladiator at its peak. February 17th, Because he will only wast your time and cost you money. Newbie Question Sorry to butt in here. Of course,the cock from gamegowl farm is more “madiskarte” compared to the other cock even he came from a good bloodline.