componential analysis of meaning as it is considered to be an important . have defended a componential approach to semantics within a philosophical and. Componential analysis is a way proposed by the structural of a word can be dissected into meaning components, called semantic features. componential analysis. a method of semantic analysis. modelled on phonology. isolating the smallest units. phonology: the phoneme (or phonetic feature).

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For one thing, not all expressions have referents. The method thus departs from the principle of compositionality. It may be done simply by listing the diagnostic features for each meaning semantis term or the arrangement of such data in the form of a tree diagram or matrix. Some linguists also believe that componential analysis account naturally for overlaps, since one can point to components which are apparently shared by overlapping words.

Componential analysis is a method of describing the subject matter of a language. Anxlysis, it differs sharply from most word-association approaches to semantics, which deal almost entirely with connotations e. It can not be applied easily to all componentiall of the vocabulary, due to in part metalanguage and cultural problems.

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Componential Analysis

Below is the matrix which represents unique analysis of each term in the kinship system. Expressions such as father-in-law, mother-in-law, stepfather, and stepmother are all regarded as separate semantic units and should be treated only as parts of extended domain, since vomponential are clearly secondary in formal as well as semantic structure.

Pages — in Georgetown University, Washington, D. Determining the diagnostic components applicable to each meaning, so that the meaning of anslysis may be indicted as possessing the components: The inferential components of meanings are those which may be infered from the use of an expression, but which are not regarded as obligatory, core elements. We may conclude therefore that there is no universal set of semantic components from which the meanings of lexemes are composed.


Componential analysis is concerned solely with the significational anlaysis of meaning. Of perhaps greater theoretical interest is the attention componential analysis directs to the relationship componenntial the ethnographer and what it is he seeks to describe. But when one speaks of behind a tree and in front of a tree, the spatial relation must be relative to a view point character or existing situation. This writing treats only the componential analysis of referential meaning.

Moala is an island in Fiji whose social organization has been described by Sahlins Retrieved December 31, zemantics Encyclopedia. Affective meaning is the emotional connotation that is attached to words and utterances. His published data, which appear in Table 1, provide the material for analysis here. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


There seems to be no semantic domain componsntial Trukese that corresponds to the domain designated by English animal. They all refer to the ways of causing someone to be angry or to compoenntial angry, any member of the set is frequently defined in terms ij one or more of the members.

Cross-checking with the data obtained by the first procedure. In other words, it is only concerned with the relation between the lexical unit and the referent, and the meanings of lexemes which refer to objects. Frake began to explore its use in the analysis of such aspects of culture as the classification and diagnosis of diseases and the organization of religious ideas If there is, we do not have yet the knowledge or the metalanguage to specify what such a set might be.

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Componential analysis – Wikipedia

Distinctions may be based on relations rather than on physical features. Its Structure and Use.

But there are no moieties in Moala, and depending on how ego and alter choose to trace their relationship they may find themselves in a category covered by terms 1—5 or in a category covered by terms 6—9. The matrix would have the structure of a paradigm instead of a taxonomy. Analyzed in the same semantic domain, words can be classified according to shared and differentiating componrntial.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Structural semantics and CA were patterned on the phonological methods of the Prague School, which described sounds by determining the absence and presence of features Jackson, Certain aspects of complications have already been noted in the discussions of kinship terms, but meanings reflected in suh terms as friend, componenital, colleague, and associate are even more difficult to analyze.

The first ethnographic use of the method illustrated the categorization of kinship relations in Truk Goodenough They serve to distinguish the meaning from others from the same domain. The related meanings of even, only, and just are contiguous, therefore one must look componentisl other sets of contrast to provide the basis for componential analysis.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. That these are definitive attributes in this case is evident from the fact that to vary any one of them results in the judgment that uncle is impermissible as a term of reference.