“To Lie Down with the Wolf and the Lamb, Such is the Will of Gaia” The most empathic of all the werewolves, the Children of Gaia believe that. So I’m attempting to hunt down all the old splat books to further my understanding of the setting. I’ve noticed scattered through out the internet. Silver fangs tribebook revised pdf – Striders Tribebook revised and original Silver Fangs Tribebook revised and. silver fangs tribebook revised.

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The Apocalypse Revised Tribebooks 1 – 10 of 13 books. I actually like these political programs. Rape is unknown among animals in natural settings. These are all dumb.

What is bad is that it redefines the mechanics of Harano for 1st edition. Okay, this is the last one, I swear! Do you disdain me for the accident of my birth? This is also cool, but is prohibitive at Level 4.

The universe hallows you and offers up its entirety to your succor and increase. You have entered this land of false divisions to heal the rifts, bind up the wounds, and dry the tears of life. Get of Fenris is such a stellar look on a tribe that goes way beyond common misconceptions and actually gives depth and meaning to the tribe usually presented as Killy McMurder.

Well the “infamous” ranges from hippies getting beaten, a homosexual Lupus and a black spiral dancer getting the “taint” removed from him in a rite if Chilc not mistaken.

My only problem was the packmate bit. Overview posted by pospysyl Original SA post. I guess they’re all supposed to involve peace pipes. As an adolescent he ended up teaching other Children newbies how Garou society works, but once fully inducted they spurn him, which is taia very teenage drama, but it still provides easily roleplayed character hooks.


What an inventive, invincible species.

Children of Gaia Tribebook (1st Edition) (PDF version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

No joke, the best piece of art in the book. Berna Labourdette rated it liked it Jul 05, And so the mission goes off. The Crest of the Unicorn is similar, but they focus on deposing the Silver Fangs.

We need only ask our own permission to go anywhere. They do require two pf in each sept, though, the Voice of Rtibebook always female and the Arms of Gaia always male to trkbebook disputes. A lot of the “infamous” Revised splat books failed at that, and did so by trying too hard. At Level 4, Children of Gaia can take Beast Lifewhich calls a whole bunch of critters to your aid unless the critters could be hurtand Strike the Airwhich allows you to perfectly dodge every attack an opponent makes until you attack back.

How to Gaia posted by pospysyl Original SA post. Look, I know she’s supposed to be young, but I’m pretty sure she’s not twelve. Children of Gaia Werewolf: But, some Children of Gaia have managed to make them act slightly more human.

If the oWoD had a robust mortals system, the Children of Gaia would make awesome villains. I have a feeling that they were all built like starting PCs some of them actually were used for examples of character creationand that gives them really basic but meaty backstories and cool, but not overpowered, abilities.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ready to outsit eternity.


Tribebook: Children of Gaia

To illustrate the challenges of being the Children of Gaia, the narrators tell of a time when the United States government sent federal workers to relocate the American Indians. This costs only 2 Merit points. It does require giving the target a friendly pat on the back at the very least. If was the head of a large network of kin and werewolf priestesses at a time when vampires ruled over humanity via their puppets. Both of these Gifts are taught by unicorns.


Seth Runyon rated it really liked it Jul 26, I live for their laughter, even when they laugh at me. They’re not hopped up beatific hippies, Gaia damn it! It creates an aura of goodwill and cooperation.

Smell how the wind celebrates your presence! Violate the first tenet of the Litany to get a nebulous, mechanically undefined bonus to resisting frenzy? They also serve as werewolf trribebook. Kane’s made an entire career of that. Scott Andrews rated it really liked it Apr 13, Rites, totems, characters, and post mortem.

It’s only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Level 5 brings Halo of the Sun which lf Wyrm creatures, blinds foes, debuffs all attacks within a certain radius, adds dice to your attacks, AND deals true sun damage cbild vampires.

Jason Hardin rated it really liked it Jan 03,