Van oudsher is het CBO bekend door de ontwikkeling van richtlijnen. behandeling van het carpale-tunnel-syndroom (mevrouw H.M.S. van Santen- Hoeufft), ;; Diagnostiek en behandeling van het Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (dr. results Complex regional pain syndrome (in English), CBO (NL) – Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement CBO, Guideline, Jul 01, , Netherlands, Published . Algemene inleiding richtlijnen palliatieve zorg. National. results AMB (BR) – Brazilian Medical Association, Guideline, Jun 26, , Brazil, Published . Complex regional pain syndrome (in English), CBO (NL) – Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement CBO KNGF-richtlijn Enkelletsel.

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Free Radic Res Commun. Intravenous regional guanethidine blockade in the treatment bco-richtlijnen post-traumatic complex regional pain syndrome type 1 algodystrophy of the hand.

Anesth Analgtherapy for patients with reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Intrathecal baclofen administration Intrathecal baclofen therapy ITB is an invasive technique that has only been investigated in two patients with CRPS-I alone [ 32 ] and seven CRPS-I-dystonia patients [ 33 ] whose condition had failed to respond to previous treatment.

Treatment of reflex J Hand Ther9: Management of Osteoarthritis 2nd Edition.

Evidence based guidelines for complex regional pain syndrome type 1

Surgery on extremities with reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Adequate perioperative analgesia, limitation of operating time, limited use of tourniquet, and use of regional anaesthetic techniques are recommended for secondary prevention of CRPS-I.


Enuresis nocturna M59 [Nocturnal enuresis]. The main side-effects of the screening process and continuous administration of ITB are post-puncture headache, diminished consciousness and urine retention [ 33 ].

Multi-day low dose ketamine infusion for the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome. A physical therapy approach. With regard to drug treatment, further investigation is needed into the efficacy of pain medication and the percutaneous sympathetic blockade.

Sympathetic nerve blocks in sympathetic dystrophy. Standardized pain-contingent physiotherapy aimed at improving patients’ ability to cope with the condition has proven to be effective in reducing CRPS symptoms [ 737480 ]. Scintigraphic studies, treatment algorithm for neuropathic pain.

Spinal cord stimulation in Impairments and perceived disability. The reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome RSDS.

BWilder et al. Ann Readapt Med Phys Preferably, regional anaesthetic cbo-richtiljnen such as brachial plexus blockade and epidural anaesthesia should be used level 4 There are indications that stellate blocks and intravenous regional anaesthesia using clonidine not guanethidine offer protection level 3: Results Database and cited reference search revealed 94 relevant studies after selection.

International Guideline Library — Guidelines International Network

Spinal cord stimulation in patients with chronic reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Efficacy of ketamine in anesthetic dosage for the treatment of refractory complex regional pain syndrome: Am J Ther Preventing recurrence of reflex sympathetic dystrophy in patients requiring an operative intervention at the site of dystrophy after surgery.


CRPS-I relapse occurred in 28 cases, but 24 patients remained satisfied with crrps amputation. Clin Orthop Relat Res. National consensus-based guideline [Social isolation].

Once all comments had been taken into account, the guidelines were adopted vbo-richtlijnen the full project group and sent to the participating professional organisations for final approval.

Surgery on the affected upper extremity of patients with a history of complex regional pain syndrome: Amputation is sometimes performed with the aim to improve quality of life of CRPS I patients with severe complications, such as threatening sepsis or severe functional impairment. BHord et al. Pain crpw, complex regional pain syndrome type I: Prevention and Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism.