Find official Brother FAXE FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and IntelliFax- e The built-in drivers support basic functions of your Brother machine. Owner’s manu al • Read online or download PDF • Brother IntelliFAX e User Manual. Quick setup guide, Install the drum unit, Install phone line, handset, and power cord • Read online or download PDF • Brother IntelliFAX e User Manual.

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Replacing the Toner CartridgeThe machine can print up to 6, pages using a high yield toner cartridge. Press 1 if you want to select additional settings.

The new setting will remain until you change it again. I Fan the pages beforeplacing them in the ADF. The Brother machine must be started manually to receive faxes.

Brother IntelliFAX 4100e User Manual

Delayed Fax Sends your fax at a later time that day. This manual is related to the following products: This plug will fit into only a grounding-type power outlet. If the name was not received, it will not be displayed.

You can correct most problems by yourself. Do not expose the machineto direct sunlight, excessive heat, moisture or dust. Attach Document Tray and Support. If you move the machine after connecting Cassette 2, be sure to carefully liftCassette 2 with the machine because they are not attached. If your copy looks good, you probably had a badconnection, with static or interference on the phoneline.

Paper TypeYou can use the following types of paper for copying. Enter your telephone number, and then press Set. The following screen will appear: Page 28 AssemblyInstalling the Drum Unit Assembly with Toner Cartridge 1 Unpack the drum unit assembly,including the toner cartridge, andgently rock it from side to side five orsix times to distribute the toner evenlyinside the cartridge.

  ISO 22174 PDF

Keep the paper level below the guide. Page The telephone company may make changes in its facilities, equipment,operations or procedures that could affect the operation of the equipment.

Manuals | FAX/FAXe | Others | Brother

If you cannot solve a manuxl To select which cassette will be used for printing, see Setting Cassette Usage,Page The back ofthe two-line TAD must have two telephone jacks: I have difficulty withcustom features on asingle line. The manual feed slot is above the paper cassette. CautionI Wait to unpack the toner cartridge until immediately before you install it into themachine.

ON and then press Set. Delayed FaxDuring the day you can store up to 50 documents into memory for delayedsending. Page 81 Access Codes and Credit Card NumbersSometimes you may want to choose from among several long distance carrierswhen you make a call.

Make sure you have the following items:. Be sure to seal the drum unit tightly so toner powder doesnot spill out of the unit. You can then leave the machine in FAX mode to receivefaxes any time of day or night.

See Brother Numbers, on page i. You cannot use and as dial numbers. Loading Paper in Paper Cassette1Pull the paper cassette completely out of the machine. Do not defeat the purpose of thegrounding-type plug by using an adapter.

User’s Guide | Manuals | FAX/FAXe | Others | Brother

This feature does not work without theStation ID. Page 45 Main MenuSubmenu2. If so, the multipurpose sheet feeder may be out of paper or notproperly installed.

See RemoteRetrieval, Page Do You Have Voice Mail? LIGHT to send a very light document. See Setting Inntellifax Storage, Page If you have Voice Mail on the phone line on which you will install your new faxmachine, there is a strong possibility that Voice Mail and the fax machine willconflict with each other while receiving incoming calls. If it is empty, load a new stackof paper into the feeder.


The distinctive mnual feature is actually an answeringmode.

LockLeverDiscard the used drum unit according to local regulations, keeping it separatefrom domestic waste. DARK, and then press Set.

NoteDescriptionsThe factory setting option is shown in bold. The default setting is LOW. Remove the yellow protective insert. Page IndexAaccess codes for dialing, storing accessories and supplies iiADF automatic document feeder assembly document tray document wire drum unit grounded three-prong plug handset loading paper power cord telephone line code Toner Cartridge automaticdialing fax receive fax redial transmission automatic fax receive BBackup Print 4010e setting up Groups for Brotheraccessories and supplies iiBrother numbers iBrother Page Ddate and time, setting dialingaccess codes automatic fax redial credit card numbers fax redial Groups manually mode for Canada One Touch numbers Search Speed Dial numbers drum unitchecking life remaining installing replacing Dual Access EECM Error Correction Mode emergency numbers entering text error messages on LCD CHECK Brotuer COMM.

Close the front cover for the drumunit. Special Layout OptionsYou can save paper by copying either two or four pages onto one page. Jntellifax Replacing the Drum Unit, Page