While BrikWars is still in active development (yes, even this many years later), it hasn’t yet been finalized and formatted for download. Previous editions are. Like all devices in BrikWars, every Propulsion system should be represented by specific physical elements. Most will be obvious: wheels and sails and zeppelin. Unauthorizations and Unsanctionednesses. Images. Conceptual Progenitors. Copyrights and Trademarks. Contact Info. Fair Use Policy. Printing Copies.

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Dethstar is less than pleased to accept delivery. Unless the condition is corrected quickly, afflicted minifigs can descend into a pacifist spiral, with symptoms progressing from boredom to depression, panic, and inevitable suicide, usually within minutes.

Wargamers tend to react badly to BrikWars’ opposition to its own rules, especially when it gives their opponents free rein to do something game-wrecking.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Here, Olothontor and Kidko find themselves in a zombie-infested museum. Toys of all stripes are notorious for their revolving loyalties and petty betrayals. The Heroic Feat is spent for the turn, but play brikward as if the Hero had never attempted it in the first place.

Does anyone have any suggestions for appropriate CP for various battle sizes? Kidko from ” Zombie Survival “.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If players like impressive models, they’ll give Bennies for impressive models. Overskill Dice from lucky Briowars rolls 4.


History is full of ignominious getaways by the great and famous.

BRIKWARS Table of Contents

Obviously this is fun for nobody, and you have not only the right but the obligation to break his nose if he tries this. Raised baseplates and brick mountains scattered around the floor make a perfectly decent battlefield. We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Those hits must either be distributed to larger targets, or lost without effect.

If a target has Deflection against a source of Damage that has no dice to remove, then the Deflection cancels 1d6 worth of the Damage. Their strong defenses mean nothing if no one has to fight them to begin with.


Some people like to refer to dice with a “die” rather than a brikaars prefix. And if I did, you deserved it. While their alliegances change with each new turn of the coat, self-respecting minifigs must always have at least one Enemy, and preferably several, in order to maintain healthy psychological function. The core elements are based on FTL nanoprocessor units arranged into twenty-five bilateral kelilactirals, with twenty of those units being slaved to the central heisenfram terminal.

Minifigs hold faith in brukwars number of greater and lesser powers that inspire their fear, worship, and adulation.


Bragallot from ” After the Rift Round 3 ” Elements shown: And if it is, it’s not my fault. Jackson wins out in the end, with the suggestion of “Mace Windu, as played by Jules Winnfield. Either can do a full die of Damage even after accounting for Deflection. Weapon Sizea Size 3 Explosive might only be a Size 1” object for dropping purposes.

Refer to The Law of Fudge later in this chapter. Making their Attack Roll, the Roman Squads roll one pile of five dice for the pikes, and a second pile of brilwars dice for the swords, counting the number of successful hits from each weapon type but with no other concern for which hits came from which specific Squad members.

If this Armor is overcome, the item is rendered useless and destroyed. Manly Santa, Lord Warhead, and the forces of Zombie Abraham Lincoln battled all comers in a space-age zombie apocalypse including the Almighty Benny, a meddling janitor, and BrikThulhu himself, and all went on to reappear in the battles of players around the world for years afterward.

Some players brikwsrs to roll dice to randomize the order of each cycle of turns. The attacker rolls 2 Damage.