Since the hardcover move, I’ve read only three Laurens books. I think that it was the breather that made me appreciate in Beyond Seduction. After six unsuccessful months of wife-hunting in London, Gervase Tregarth, earl of Crowhurst and the second-to-last unattached member of the. In a moment of recklessness, Gervase Tregarth, 6th Earl of Crowhurst, swears he’ ll marry the next eligible lady to cross his path. Cloistered at his ancestral castle.

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Her eyes narrowed on Gervase. Semakin mendekati pengkhianat terakhir dan makin terkuak juga identitas Dalziel. Most Helpful Most Recent. He was constitutionally srephanie of accepting failure. Bahkan kaum pria di lingkungannya sudah terbiasa bergaul dengan Madeline untuk urusan urusan estate dan yg lainnya.

I’m so close to the end of this series, and with it, Dalziel’s story. Cloistered at his ancestral castle in Cornwall, with nary a suitable woman for miles, he never expects he’ll have to fulfill ssduction pledge, at least not until the London Season begins.

Beyond Seduction – Stephanie Laurens – Google Books

One evening Stephanie realized that she did not have any more of her favorite romance novels to read. Just because he’s married unwisely is no reason whatever to imagine I’ll do the same.

Increasingly wary, he shifted his gaze to the third and youngest of the three, lowering it to her sweet, delicate face, still very much that of a child. Well we are getting down to sedution last few in the Bastion Club, well one official member of the club and Dalziel.

His expression set like stone. I’m afraid my hellborn three’s latest interesting idea was to put your bull in among your dairy herd.


This was one of my favorite Bastion Club stories, it has more interaction with DL and their past as spies. It was just all average. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

One glance at the other two confirmed that they, too, saw her words as a simple statement of fact. I know he’s in more of Laurens’ books — and he gets his own redemption book but it’s hard to see what he adds here. When a group of close comrades – six others who like him had spent the last ten and more years working behind enemy lines under the orders of the secretive individual they knew only as Dalziel – had proposed banding together and creating a private club to guard against the marauding mamas of the ton, he’d thought it an excellent idea.

He sipped, then put his head back and closed his eyes.

Don’t like your audiobook? It’s long, filled with sex scenes and the mystery doesn’t really show up until very late in the book But then he meets his neighbor, the stephannie appealing Madeline Gascoigne.

She gives him four reasons why she doesn’t believe that’s the case, and he spends the rest of the book trying to debunk her reasons. Of course, Madeline beond a little obtuse and oblivious to his desire to marry her, which is not surprising, but in the end, I liked how she worked it through and came to realize it was what she wanted as well. I’m sure it’s relevant in another book — but it doesn’t even become relevant in this series, which is why I wish Laurens had chosen any other character for that role.

The characters are in the mold of the usual Laurens leads and there isn’t much to differentiate them from, say, Jack and Clarice. And he was so tired of the mounting frustration of stdphanie being able to even start his search for her. I love the Laurenw Club series — perhaps my favourite of Stephanie Laurens’ novels!


Onto a slippery slope that he suddenly realized led straight to abject surrender.

Beyond Seduction (Bastion Club, #6) by Stephanie Laurens

Gervase knows better and is willing to lay siege to her objections. Seated on the chaise, a silk shawl about her shoulders, Sybil returned his stare with a blank look, as if she hadn’t fully comprehended his meaning. I liked the adult relationship and the heroine’s familial relationships. But Rand yearns for more syephanie life, and when he travels to Buckinghamshire to stepganie a recent investment, he discovers a passionate woman who will challenge his rigid self-control Having said that, I didn’t might another go around years later because I did enjoy the first of Laurens’ Cynster book series.

Beyond Seduction Volume 6 of Bastion Club.

Beyond Seduction

I liked the story. They didn’t say the words. The Gascoignes held the estate of Treleaver Park, situated above Black Head, the eastern headland of the same wide bay on which the castle stood overlooking the western cove. That was how Gervase approached his potential bride in Madeline. Loved it and the narrator was great, he has sedduction the Wright kind of voice for his job.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Unfortunately being treated like a man has meant that Gervase is trying to find a wife in London. The Best Books of I pretty much liked him the whole way through the book, he never really did anything to bug me.