Justin Bere is a British architect based in London. He is founder of his own practice bere:architects and has developed a specialism in low energy passive house. Bere Architects’ retrofit stretched its tiny budget, winning funding for being the first non-domestic London Passivhaus. They ran a competition, and Justin Bere Architects won. Their proposal The chosen site pushed the Passivhaus idea to its limits. 1,ft up at.

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It is very pleasing to see school, community centre, kindergarten, gym, university, multi-residential and office buildings make up the bulk of the case studies along with houses in Japan, London, New York and Denmark.

Biodiversity was very important for this project which incorporates two wild flower meadow green archittects, a south facing garden and, as planned, an ivy covered gabion stone wall.

Sign me up for weekly Inhabitat updates. You can click on the image above to go to the Amazon page for the book, or visit my Passivhaus Books page for more information about this book and other passivhaus books.


The m2, two bedroom, family house is constructed with a heavily insulated prefabricated timber frame set inside 3m retaining walls and clad in European larch. Sport May 23, at 9: MEAD Consulting The scheme joins a small group of certified UK Passivhaus Plus projects pushing the frontiers of building energy performance with carbon lite renewables. Summer shading is provided by means of retractable external venetian blinds with automatic solar control, whilst inward-tilting windows provide secure summer night-time purge ventilation.


Built with high-performance off-site construction. Lark Rise certified Passivhaus Plus Living in a large cold farmhouse, the owners needed little persuading of the merits of aiming for Passivhaus when building a guest house on their land. Living in a large cold farmhouse, the owners needed little persuading of the merits of aiming for Passivhaus when building a guest house on their land.

Concrete slab and below-slab foamed glass insulation.

Justin Bere – Wikipedia

For anyone wondering why the specific energy benchmarks to achieve optimum comfort were set at the figures they are, this short chapter makes valuable reading. It mainly covers research comparing some completed bere: Wolfgang Feist writes in the foreword:. Subscribe to get free weekly updates on the latest news on architecgs and design. There is a strong European flavour to the selected buildings, which is not at all surprising given how established passivhaus is in Europe — and therefore how long passivhaus architects have had to establish themselves as masters of integrated design.

Lark Rise certified Passivhaus Plus

Justin identifies six methods that form the essential basics of passivhaus design. It was recently certified in November An Introduction to Passive House by Justin Bere is a beautiful book with an excellence mix of introductory technical information and inspiration. The final main section of the book makes up two thirds of the content of the book and is simply: I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing.

  2042C 2012 PDF

Gentle nudging of market forces can provide a new focus for UK industry to facilitate a joined-up plan to enable the emerging microgrid vision to materialise smoothly — in short, to provide the stimuli needed to create a new Green Technology Revolution. The site is located in London which means that the over-shadowing of architeccts buildings had a major impact on the energy balance and design decisions.

An Introduction to Passive House

However, both go beyond just providing information and robustly challenge the industry and authorities to step up. Electric submeters installed in the main distribution board monitor MVHR, power sockets, cooking, lighting and miscellaneous circuits. They very much fit the introductory nature of the book and I highly recommend them as primers in each of the subjects covered.

The six methods are:. I highly recommend visiting and educating yourself.

Each gets a single page treatment including photographs and clear descriptive diagrams. To purchase a copy of this book I highly recommend supporting your psasivhaus independent bookshop if possible or purchasing direct from RIBA Bookshops. Focus House may be innovative and eco friendly This site uses cookies More info Okay.

Philippa Stockley, Evening Standard, Camden Passivhaus Final Report published Coming soon And then they can dig deeper and learn about integrated design and the architecta of passivhaus.