Printed by D. V. Syamala Rau, at the Vasanta Press,. The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Indological Books, ‘Principles Of Tantra – Tantra Tattva. Ganesh _ Co – Arthur ‘. J WORKS ON TANTRA BY ARTHUR AVALON The Great Liberation the Sansknt 2nd Ed revised with copious additional notes, Principles of Tantra Vols.

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The Lord clears the spiritual vision of His worshippers and grants them spiritual knowledge. Unlike the followers of other forms of of religion, the follower of the Brahmanik faith has no quarrel with any one.

The book contains the general rules applicable to all the different forms of Tantrik and Vedik Sadhana and short accounts of each of the different systems. These principles thus embrace the whole sphere of organic existence lf.

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The combined seeds in the course of the day by the action of air, fire and water solidify into a body the size of the mother’s thumb Next day the embryo becomes a frothy body budbudakara.

He is pure, incompar- able, imperishable and luminously blue. An old and learned Orissan Tandit to whom this question was referred stated to me his opinion to be that Shamkara was not artgur author of the work but its ledactor or compiler, thus occupying the same position in regard to it as the Rtskis did to the Vaidik Shruti The question has importance tatra, amongst other reasons, of the fact that twntra Mahasiddhasara Tantra includes principlrs Tantra called the Prapanchasara amongst the group of 64 assigned to the Rathakranta.

There is a constant upward and downward move- ment of Vayu along the paths of the sun and the moon 1. He is the strong lustrous One habited in yellow raiment. Some may say this in ignorance, others with deliberation. She is Pancha- buddhiprabhavmi. They are the embodiments of these principles.

These with the arrow and bow are Her weapons. Her Bljas are Aim and Klith 5. Pashyati param yadatma nistamasa chetasa tunyam tat. His body becoming triple upon the three-fold manifestation of BrahmS, Vishnu and Rudra. Atmaparamatmapadayor abhedato vySpnuySd yad5 yogi, Tachcha turiyatltani tasyapi bhavenna durato muktii. Utterance is of three kinds Udatta, Anudatta, and Svarita 3.


Some other meanings are given m the commentary to v. In Sanskrit the root tanyra not considered a word. Even that abstruse logician Bhaskararaya begins his commentary on the Saptashati Chandl with a salutation of Sham.

The husband of Shri 5 is the colour of a full blown red hibiscus flower and shines with the radiance of ten million rising suns. It was on this account that the book was printed as it was in tanta manuscripts. Translation and notes by Arthur Avalon. Sir John George Woodroffe —also known by his pseudonym Arthur Avalonwas a British Orientalist whose work helped to unleash in the West a deep and wide interest in Hindu philosophy and Yogic practices. The Guru’s command should not be disobeyed.

When Gaihga was called down from heaven by Bhagiratha, She first fell into the matted hair jafa of Shiva. The Prapanchasara is the first book of its kind. Mati ; here the acting manas. When She the Great One moves to manifest Herself in Her different ways then the sound which issues upon the bursting of the Bindu becomes clearly perceptible. The lusband is to think of himself as Madana 6 in the form of ire and of his Shiva 7 as a flame of fire.

Again in v 31 fuither Shaktis are given One of the fruits of Her puja is declared to be the power to bring under control even the wives of Kings Some warrior Shaktis are given in v.

From this last arises by the action of air Pavana. They seem to be labouring under the obsession that being a monist, Shamkaracharya could not have written anything which advocates Sadhana. Verses 1 2, 1 3 give the Mantra of Aghora Rudra and is fol- lowed in v. His throat is adorned by large and shining tiger claws.

Who seemeth terrible to all things born on earth in four- fold way 7 And yet removes the burden of their worldly pain. Kris Am tzntra gambols, but the separated lovers endure severe misery.

The nine Shaktis of Bharati are Medha. It is Her very nature prakrwi to be and to do, what She is and does. The word also means tamoguwa, ignorance.


Full text of “Tantric Texts Series Edited by Arthur Avalon (John Woodroffe)”

Sthula-sukjAma paratvena tasya traividhyamiiAyate. See The Great Liberation p. For what follows on the medical side I am indebted and refer my reader to the Sushruta Samhita, an English translation of which with a very useful introduction has been published at Calcutta by KavirSja Kunjalala Bhisfogratna.

Sir John Woodroffe, Tantra and Bengal: This Ojas according to the text seeks to attach consciousness Ksietrajnata to itself as oil seeks union with the lamp or the firmament the splendour of the thunderbolt. She issues from the unmanifested state when quickened by Her proximity to the Supreme Light When She is well awakened by the Supreme Light then She is Manas and of great power and is in the state of cer- tainty-uncertainty Samkalpavikalpakmya.

In his utilization of passion the Hindu has had the sense to know that we must do our market with and according to the funds in our purse.

Principles Of Tantra Tantra Tattva. 1960 Ganesh Co Arthur Avalon

Bat the higher Sttdhaka sees the Veda or Brahmajnana. Other definitions given in the Shabdakalpadrnma are: MabeshI 5 That is, Shiva More stricly She and Shiva are halves of one whole as accord- ing to Hindu ideas man and wife form one completed being Each is imperfect without the other See post Ch. It has evidently been printed as contained in the manuscript and even some palpable errors have not been set right. Svair indriyair yadstma bhuriikte bhogan sa jagaro bhavaci. He makes the two Mudras abovenamed and holds an axe and a deer 4.

John Woodroffe

For the Tantra grants both. So according to fee Kahka Parana, She is so-called because through the operation of Pridhtiaa. At verse 14 Yoga is spoken of.