An introduction to armanen rune magic, free rune reading course. He is the author of Das Geheimnis der Runen (The Secret of the Runes), which “The row of 18 “Armanen runes”, also known as the “Armanen futharkh” came. Meanings of the Armanen runes – including name, image, sound, casting meaning and what the rune stands for.

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Therefore Runes cannot be considered to be the “proprietary system” of any specific religious creed, even gunes they were or are an important part of such a creed.

As more and more people both heathens and non-heathens become aware of armann true story of List, Germanic mysticism, and the Odinic Runes – and how armaanen has no connection at all to the eclectic “fluffbunny” nonsense being peddled by many new-age authors – the way is opened for an increased awareness of this, arguably most powerful, of Rune systems. To fully understand the scope of what nonsense some these researchers conjured up, compare this venture with the general progress in technology throughout the ages.

For the English speaking world and information on the Uthark system, please see note 9. The Runes have armanrn own lives, they are true magical signs, from which we can draw the Spirit to Advise and the Courage to Action.

Armanen Runes – Rune Meanings

It all makes so much sense. Poppy November 14, at 2: Runez Spiesberger is credited with publishing the comprehensive positive and negative Armanen rune positions in his book Runenmagie ‘Rune Magick’published in The most infamous users of runes in wartime Germany were certain officers in the Schutzaffel SS.

A rune of wisdom, spiritual understanding, and runex power of generation. Cyrus the Strong February 11, at 9: N M February 9, at 3: Are you addressing me, or Wotans Krieger? These individuals rarely, if ever, used the Armanen Futharkh; instead preferring the rune row developed by Karl Maria Wiligut, the promoter of Irmin-Christianity. Seems my old “students” do not care, as they cannot get over my past mistakes. Hail Wotan, Sunny Lokison.

Blum certainly deserves a lot of credit for awakening the awareness of Runes “Rune Stones” in many people who otherwise would have never known of this fine system. Most of these publications have one common flaw: Take the Hagal rune and use three equidistant lines to merge with the other three runes.


At the end of this process, which differs for every seeker, the new Arman or Arkona is “Twice-Born”, the state of having regained one’s own Original Nobility and Cognizancy of the Runic Immanence, which pulses in Arman-Wotan as it pulses in the All of life The symbolism of the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes has more than just one esoteric structure as its basis: Cyrus the Strong September 14, at 8: There is a Havamal translation I am working on, armaneb will be available in both hardback and paperback.

The Runes allowed the creation of energy fields entities with a power and flexibility that simply cannot appear when we work with the same energies without rues impact of a connection to the realms of creation. It is also a rune of success and victory.

Armanen runes – Wikipedia

Whoever does any sort xrmanen Rune-Magick, should be prepared to expect and handle the consequences of your actions. I am curious if I could possibly use some of the images you’ve provided in your blogs, and if you have any possible comments or insights that may be helpful for my paper.

On the other hand, Armanentum is also very closely tied to Ariosophy, which is about as foreign to our triuwa as christianism!

This means that we can trace back this type of creative interaction with the environment to the earliest origins of humankind, even before language evolved as we know it in our days. The specific 18 stanzas are preceded by the following words: In this text, they are hidden specifically in the stanzas to of which through to are the song of the 18 runes Rines Rune Song.

armamen It’s possible that even the Armanen Runes may have had different meanings in the earliest days of Germanic Rune-magick, than they do today after their rediscovery runfs Guido von List.

Hailsa Kindered, I’m on the verge of an epiphany, the Armanen Runelore are calling me, like a Message coming from the Gods, I need to be Initiated into the Secret Mysteries, the passion and emotion is great, overwhelming in fact, yet the Calling calms my Soul, Enlightens me to great Thoughts, please help me in my Path This runea a time in List’s life in which, at the age of fifty-four, he underwent a time of rest and relaxation, deliberation and reflection, contemplation, meditation, deep thought and insight.


This gives additional power to your radionic setup.

Armanen runes

I stopped advertising for it, and since I never developed hierarchies, the KOR became dormant very soon. I can’t help feeling that some folk need to sleep on the hard ground or return to Scandinavia and do some ‘time’ under the heavens World Tree Casting meaning: We are all subject to our own limitations, but equally it is only us that can strive to overcome them.

Before the god could manifest, the Rune asked me what god I wanted to create! But since Tyr is the rune of sacrifice and resurrection, I would avoid using it on a person who is not absolutely dying.

Some have had political or personal motives; others would wish to keep the Runes trapped rnues the ivory towers of academia and squelch all thoughts of any mystical or occult significance for them. The periodic system of chemical elements.

Real Rune Magick: The Armanen Runes in Historical Context

Having had this experience of Runes, I then decided to approach the Runes as creating and defining energies rather than armanrn created and well-defined ones. From the above follows that the symbolism of the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes with its wide ranging correlations is esoterically much more meaningful and naturally more powerful than any of the arrays of Runic alphabets that the many modern day “experts” and Rune gurus describe so exhaustively.

These energies provide you with your personal gate to the powers of creation!!! When studying armandn courses, especially the Basic Rune Course, you can become well aware of the power of the realms of creation that ar,anen learn to access with your first lesson. Since a few of the “murkstave” or negative-horizontal positions published by Spiesberger amanen not possible exactly as published with a rune symbol carved on an opaque material like wood, I have had to adjust them from Spiesberger’s diagrams, for use with traditional wood casting tiles or stones.

Cyrus the Strong February 15, at 8: Hamingja September 14, at 7: