In vivo study, Topical Argireline 10% is applied on lateral preorbital area twice daily for 30 days. The result demonstrates a significant anti-wrinkle activity by. Research on peptides should aim to identify the peptide’s mode of action, and define it .. Acetylhexapeptide-3 (ArgirelineĀ®) has the sequence. Argireline (Arg0), a mimetic of Botox, has been found to be safer than To overcome the problem, several research groups have attempted to.

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Funny it reacts the same way, try it and see. It is the loveliest texture and contains a sunscreen.

The study of cellular cytotoxicity of argireline – an anti-aging peptide.

I am very skeptical of argireline products. It is reported to inhibit vesicle docking by preventing formation of the ternary SNARE complex and by interfering in catecholamine release.

However, the significant cytotoxicity of argireline solution was observed under 18 to 10 fold higher concentrations depending on cells that were examined in comparison to doxorubicin. Is Argireline Right for You?

Your Review Cancel reply. However, despite the fact that some toxicity data has been provided by the product manufacturer, there is an evident lack of reliable information about cytotoxicity of argireline in the literature.

Effectively using Argireline to reduce the appearance of wrinkles now, and coupling it with creams that rejuvenate your skin over time, can give you optimal results that you can see right away as well as a longer term impact that will help delay the effects of aging.


In the subjective evaluation, the total anti-wrinkle efficacy in the argireline group was I reverted to the sensible and logical step system by cleaning, toning, and treating. In the objective evaluation, agireline replicas of the skin at the application area were made before and after the treatment, which were analyzed by a wrinkle-analysis apparatus.

The anti-wrinkle efficacy of Argireline.

Argireline has become argifeline of the most popular peptide creams on the market because it can provide patients with real, age-defying results for a fraction of the cost of cosmetic procedures.

It is my understanding that Argireline is probably not a good idea to use if you have any sagging skin. Argireline is a synthetic peptide that is patterned from the N-terminal end of the protein SNAP and has been shown to reduce the argirelin of facial wrinkles.

To address this inconvenience, the skin care industry has been creating many products to provide more effective treatments can be used at home.

Surgery can carry quite a few risks and can be a nuisance because of the recovery times. I experienced those affects several years back. It is important that you disclose all of the treatments and reesearch that you use with your doctor, including any over-the-counter or herbal remedies, as Argireline products are not like your regular moisturizing cream and could interact with other treatments.


I read a yr or so back that argireline might also affect brain receptors and cause brain fuzz. Best Skin Care Products. The influence of argireline on cellular proliferation was examined against: When you research what actually builds collagen and elasticity in your skin, that is what you go by.


Best Skin Care Routine Uncategorized read more. When it comes to gaining a more youthful appearance, not everyone would choose to get plastic erurgery to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, even if they could afford the hefty price tag.

When choosing an Argireline product, you should know that products with a higher concentration of the drug will provide the most results. While many of these products do contain this chemical compound, you should never start any skin regimen without first talking to your doctor. I use Botax but around my jaw line I have slight sagging. A total of 60 subjects received a randomized treatment of argireline or placebo in a ratio of 3: An understanding of how Argireline works is based on chemistry.

The anti-wrinkle efficacy of Argireline.

How Does Argireline Work? A product called Principal Secret Reclaim contains Argireline, however, you cannot buy this where I live.

The reswarch inhibitory concentration, IC50 values were calculated and the results were compared to the IC50 value of the reference compound: What Kind of Products Are Best?

As you do your research on the internet, you will find a myriad of different products that claim to contain Argireline.