Luis Angel Villar, Email: @crallivlegnasiul. .. Azoh Barry J. Social sciences research on infectious diseases of poverty: too little and. Hawkes,; Nimerta Rajwans,; W Conrad Liles,; Luis Angel Villar-Centeno and; Kevin C KainEmail author. BMC Infectious Diseases Twenty years ago, after completing my training in infectious diseases I returned to my city Bucaramanga, Colombia. A national dengue.

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Ethnicity was considered a determinant that depends on cultural and socioeconomic conditions.

Why are people with dengue dying? A scoping review of determinants for dengue mortality

Clinical profile of dengue hemorrhagic fever cases in Mexico. Fatal subarachnoidal haemorrhage in a Norwegian traveller with dengue virus infection. Only a few documents described education, usually by reporting the educational profile of the cases [ 3235 ].

Opportunity for care by health staff might be related to coverage and access to health care, and hospital length of stay might be related to quality of care and health staff knowledge. Education is a determinant with a twofold effect on dengue mortality.

This was reported as the presence or absence of a surveillance system in the study settings. When care is not offered opportunely, the risk of dengue fatal outcomes is theoretically doubled [ 27315561808893]. Why has it taken so many decades to develop dengue vaccines?

Maternal dengue and pregnancy outcomes: It may be more feasible and suitable to find associations between biological variables and biological outcomes, which are both easier to understand and to prove, and which is not the case vkllan non-biological factors [ 1819]. Acting together in a tenuous alliance, they will follow a trail of corruption across the Virgin Star System and witness the birth of a conflict which will forever change them — along with the entire Chimera Sector.


In the case of dengue, it might not be sex, but rather care-seeking behavior driven by gender, that determines the outcome [ 488 ].

DVI Dengue Champion Spotlight: Dr. Luis Ángel Villar Centeno

Moreover, vector control is the current feasible strategy for dengue control while waiting for vaccine development [ 13691314 ]. Notwithstanding the above-mentioned limitations, this scoping review offers valuable information on the role of SDHs in dengue mortality.

The role of each SDH in dengue mortality was assessed using content analysis results. Tell us about yourself: Virus-specific differences in rates of disease during the dengue epidemic in Puerto Rico.

These were presented either as known pre-existing conditions, such as cardiac disorders, renal transplants, diabetes, hypertension, use of anti-platelet drugs, or pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions [ 293043 — 51 ], or as diseases confirmed during the course of dengue infection, such as concurrent bacterial infections, malaria, or other diseases [ 4452 — 56 ].

Verma R, Varatharaj A.

Havana, Dengue 3 epidemic, — There were only two articles specifically abgel the topic in this review, one discussing the role of the health system using a qualitative approach [ 93 ] and the other, with a quantitative approach, exploring the role of social determinants in dengue mortality using a national surveillance dataset [ 88 ]. Second, villa health staff will manage patients accurately, thereby decreasing their chances of developing severe forms, which in turn reduces dengue mortality [ 329193].

Table 4 Social and environmental dimension aspects related to dengue mortality according to content analysis.

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Dengue viruses in Brazil, — As such, ethnicity would not be a determinant on its own but is linked with socioeconomic position and opportunity for access to qualified services [ 181988 ]. Live attenuated vaccine technology to optimize protection.


Ange, is important to acknowledge that, despite the substantial dengue literature, information on fatal cases is still limited and is mostly of a biomedical nature. Fatal dengue hemorrhagic fever in adults: Welcome to the Chimera Sector.

The online version of this article doi: Papers described facilities where patients were managed primary, secondary or tertiary level of care or type of service accessed private or public [ 396977 ].

Why are people with dengue dying? A scoping review of determinants for dengue mortality

Virus characteristics Described either by the specific causal serotype, the serotype virulence or the effect of serotype combination, virus characteristics were present in 25 reviewed documents describing fatal cases [ 1129323337 — 4152556062667073767980838898 — ].

Aside from intrinsic issues, foremost of which is virus infection, there are several other factors to which the increased disease incidence has been attributed. Mortality from septic shock in a dengue infected patient: The health systems dimensionwhich included information about health care access, coverage, opportunity and quality, as well as surveillance information. The two efficacy Phase III trials are comparable considering that they have the same design, the same objectives, and the same primary endpoint.

The epidemiology of dengue in the Americas over the last three decades: