Just like other things in life, it’s easy to make mistakes. Some kinds of mistakes have minor consequences. Compensation plan mistakes can. It is on track to double those numbers in and executives have a The strong compensation plan that rewarded the sale of essential. Presentation on theme: “Advanced COMPENSATION PLAN”— Presentation IMR Three (3) Separate Lines of an ED 5LINX University ND Preparation Module.

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They all were wearing 5linx t-shirts or were sporting something with the logo on it. Residual Unilevel Commissions 5Linx pay out residual unilevel commissions on the monthly fees charged for products and 5lin offered. Purtier Placenta sounds gross No raise for 5 years, but my CEO owned comppensation homes and cars worth enough money that could feed small nation. The system then looks further up the upline to pay out the remaining percentages. Although not explicitly clarified in the compensation plan, I believe self-consumption qualifies an affiliate for commissions.

People shop at Target and spend more than they would shopping at Walmart.

Just as any business you start, you have to build client base, but me and others are very successful in this business and me as a benefits consultant going into 5linx deal with business owners daily and have saved business substantial dollars on some of their services. We are also told from the start everything.


Avoid MLM and you will have a much better chance at selecting a decent money making opportunity. Weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses 3. Not provided retail pricing in MLM is a big fat fail.

Email will not be published required. Oct 7th, at 3: She assured me that there was no obligation to come and listen to different business owners and explain what 5linx was about. I stopped a lady and asked her what it was about. Klaus – October 7th, at 8: As such, it would be very scrupulous for the 5Linx website and reps to offer the real small print information up front so individuals can make an informed decision.

Generational Residual commissions are a second type of residual commission, paid out via rank generations. People buy Girl Scout cookies from girl scouts even though you can buy the same cookie compejsation by Keebler at the grocery store. This woman called me maybe 5 times throughout the day asking if I was still coming.

5linx Compensation Plan

One of my church members is heavily recommended for our church to network with 5linx but I am skeptical. Sep 22nd, at 3: To me, it seemed practical, lucrative and down right smart. The upside is vast: If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels. A unilevel compensation plan places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them level I left pissed off.


Lastly it seems you are misinformed about our product mix and who owns what.

5linx Is A Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

She gave me her business card and she invited me to be her guest tomorrow Friday. I called the number the rep gave me, only to receive a gargled phone call from a person, which said she would return my call, but failed to do so. Why as a retail pllan would I sign up for third-party services through 5Linx?

I was in 5Linx over 3 years and I only made thousands when I recruited ALOT of people on my 5lixn and when I was at National Director and when no one under me was at the same level or higher. How is pointing this out total crap again? People purchase cable bundles and spend more than if they purchased the services separately. Oct 27th, at Bundles are cheaper for the terms.

Here is a rough review of 5linx that was very insightful on the fees you have to pay before you can make money. Very informative and kept me from falling for this awful scam. However there were some glaring inaccuracies in the conclusions you drew.