Dodge Charger Owners Manual [Dodge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dodge Charger Owners Manual. View and Download Dodge Charger owner’s manual online. Dodge LX48 Charger Owner Manual. Charger Automobile pdf manual download. Sign in to your Dodge owner account now to gain knowledge of your vehicle with how-to videos, tips, your owner’s manual and more, all tailored to you.

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You could lose control of your vehicle and have an accident. Since it is not the same tire, replace or repair the original tire and reinstall on the vehicle at the first opportunity. For vehicles equipped with wheel covers, perform Steps 2 and 3.

Dodge Charger – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

See your authorized dealer for service. Vacation Storage Anytime you store your vehicle, or keep it out of service i. The spare tire must be removed in order to access the jack. Close the armrest after the LCD screen has been raised to its viewing position. Page Checking Oil Level — 5. A light, next to the button, will illuminate to indicate when the dimming feature is activated.

Owner’s Manual

Set the parking brake and place the gear selector in PARK. The symbol SET 1 will now show in the display window.

Tether Strap Mounting 2. This sequence will continue upon subse- quent vehicle start-ups as long as the malfunction exists.

Turn the TUNE control knob to the left or right to adjust the mahual level between the front and rear speakers. Voice Recognition Button Actual button location may vary with radio. Ejecting with ignition OFF is not allowed on convertible or soft-top models if equipped. Brake Assist System bas – If Equipped allow more engine torque to be applied to the wheel that is not spinning.


Many are potentially flammable, and if used in closed areas they may cause respiratory harm. The engine oil filler cap also shows the recommended engine oil viscosity for your engine. Inspect the tread and sidewall for cuts and cracks. In addition, the headlights will turn off when the wipers are turned off if they were turned on by this feature.

Play Playlist files are not supported. The system will ignore attempts to upshift at too low of a vehicle speed. Also, correct for anything causing rapid or unusual wear prior to performing the tire rotation. We want you manaul be happy with our products and services. Overloading The load carrying components axle, springs, tires, wheels, etc. Also a few pages are loose.

Along with the seat belts, front airbags work with the instrument panel knee bolsters to provide improved protection for the driver and front passenger.

Persons who are unable to feel pain to the skin because of advanced age, chronic illness, diabetes, mnual cord injury, medication, 200 use, exhaus- tion, or other physical condition must exercise care when using the seat heater. Brake System In order to assure brake system performance, all brake system components should be inspected periodically. LATCH-compatible child restraint systems are now avail- able.

Seat Belt Maintenance Do dodg bleach, dye, or clean the belts with chemical solvents or abrasive cleaners. If the problem has been momentary, the transmission can be reset to regain all forward gears.


2008 Dodge Charger – Owner’s Manual (466 pages)

In a collision you could slide under the seat belt and be seriously or even fatally injured. Confirmed leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. Either of these condi- tions will result in the engine being shut off after two 2 seconds.

This may allow the airbag to have different rates of inflation that are based on collision severity.

Follow these steps to access vharger jack and spare tire. Toggle the Music Type button to select the following format types: An unlocked car is an invitation to thieves. Towing Tips Before setting out on a trip, practice turning, stopping, and backing the trailer in an area located away from heavy traffic. Warranty service must be done by osners authorized Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealer. It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area, inside or outside of a vehicle.

Refer to the following illustrations. Always apply parking brake fully when parked to guard against vehicle movement and possible injury or damage.

A frontal collision that is not severe enough to need airbag protection will not activate the system. Front seat belt assemblies must be replaced after a collision. The trunk lid can be released from outside the vehicle by pressing the trunk button on the Remote Keyless Entry RKE transmitter twice within 5 seconds.

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