View and Download Buell XB Series service manual online. XB Series Motorcycle pdf manual download. See a Buell service manual for proper torque values. Aftermarket . Typical Buell V.I.N.: Ulysses Models Ignition System: XB Models. ITEM. DATA. T+ .com/

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Turn ignition key switch to LOCK. Disconnect rear brake light switch connector []. Install rear belt and idler pulley. Install shift brake pedal sleeve 5. Position heel guard 2 onto footpeg mounts 3.

Loosen adjuster locknut on the rod 0208 3. Peel up rear corners of seat and remove two fasteners. Install a complete rebuild kit upon assembly.

Buell Firebolt Service Manual

The covered fuse block is under the seat. Remove the Spacer Figure The starter solenoid is a switch that is designed to open and close the starting circuit electromagnetically.

Thin steel strip Figure Using a Snap-on seal and bushing driver, tap in the Holding the rack, fit the RH grab handle 2 unto the front bearing. The arrows on the pistons must always point toward the front of the engine.

Turn the engine cut-off switch to RUN. Hold footpeg 10controlling spring, to footpeg mount 1. One damper spring seat.


NOTES NOTE Vehicle should be placed onto the lift with rear tire in the When removing the left air scoop, the alternator and voltage wheel vise in order to successfully perform this procedure. Install and connect ignition coil. For Solid Color Wires: A good suspension is a balance between damping and track condition.

Buell XB 2008 Series Service Manual

Insert ignition key into the pillion lock located on the left side of motorcycle. Replace belt and transmission sprocket. Pressure created in the flywheel area on piston downstroke is released through the reed valve into the gearcase.

Replace any parts toms. The rocker arm covers and internal compon- ents must be removed before removing cylinder heads.

Repeat to verify torque. Slide the assembly toward the installation and calibration information. In case of eye contact flush with large amounts of water and get medical attention. Traction can be adversely affected, which could result in loss of control of the motorcycle and death or serious injury. Horizontal Headlamp Adjustment Fastener Locations: Distortion should be minimal. The sidestand swings outward to support the motorcycle for parking. Install cable strap above starter securing actuator cable, sm vent line, main harness and positive battery cable.

Install fork assembly into upper clamp. Figure Figure Install fork assembly into upper fork clamp. Check cam gear end play for each cam gear as follows: Disconnect the CKP [79] on the left side of the “V” bracket.


2008 Buell XB Models Service Repair Workshop Manual DOWNLOAD

Lightning Typical Push ignition switch housing 4 on to fi,etype switch 5. NOTE Do not operate front brake lever with front wheel removed or caliper pistons may be forced out. Fork holding tool 2. Wipe up spilled fuel immediately and dispose of rags in a suitable manner.

NOTE To ensure proper brake pad-to-brake rotor clearance when the caliper is installed, piston must be pressed all the way into the bore whenever new brake pads are used. While riding, a loose seat can shift death or serious injury. Attach front brake line p-clamp to rear of right front module sm and tighten fastener to in-lbs 4.

To ensure proper reservoir mounting, tempor- arily place upper body work onto tail section and adjust reser- voir placement so adjuster screw 1 aligns with alignment hole 2.